Last Minute DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is right around the corner! You may be excited (like we are!), but are you prepared to celebrate the holiday to its fullest? Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or just desire some spooky vibes in your home in honor of the season, here are some of the best last minute DIY Halloween decoration ideas.

Spider Webs

To create your own spider webs, you’ll need a hot glue gun and a vacuum cleaner that’s capable of blowing outwards. Hold your hot glue gun and vacuum cleaner side by side and begin dispensing glue, while simultaneously using your vacuum cleaner to blow it onto the area you want to web-ify! The glue should cool and separate as it’s blown to create a creepy web-like substance.

For a simple tutorial, check out this great video! Easy DIY Spider Webs / Cobwebs | Halloween DIY!

Faux Spiders

To create some fake spiders to go with your webs, you’ll need black or brown balloons and pipe cleaners. All you’ll need to do is blow up two balloons, one small (for the head) and one large (for the body). Tie the two balloons together by their knots and then wrap pipe cleaners around it to create your sets of legs, bending each in different directions. If you have any spare googly-eyes lying around, feel free to glue them onto the spider’s head as well!

Watch a video tutorial: HERE

Bloody Taper Candles

To create this, you’ll need a large white pillar candle and a red taper candle. Set the white pillar candle on a sturdy surface so that it can be used as a base/canvas. Light your red taper candle and let the wax drip down the sides of the white pillar candle to give the appearance of blood.

View a detailed tutorial with a video: HERE

Halloween Wreath

For this decoration, you’ll need a large circular object (preferably, a wreath form) with an empty middle. Wrap your circle with white cloth or paper, then tie white string throughout the middle to create the appearance of webbing. Feel free to apply any other spiders or spooky toys as desired!

View a detailed tutorial: HERE

String Lights

Re-purpose the Christmas lights you have stored in your house by creating some Halloween oriented string lights. Gather your lights and some white or orange ping pong balls – the easier to see through, the better. Draw scary faces, eyeballs, or any other design that you desire onto the surface of the ping pong balls. Cut a small hole in the ping pong balls and insert a light into each one.

View a detailed tutorial: HERE

Carved Pumpkins

We couldn’t create a list without the most classic of Halloween decorations. Large or small pumpkins provide unlimited possibilities as a canvas for carving. Check your local pumpkin patch or supermarket to select your perfect pumpkin(s). The steps to carve your pumpkin are relatively simple:

  1. Cut off the top/crown of the pumpkin with a sharp, serrated knife and save the crown for later. Remember to use proper safety precautions when using a knife by cutting away from your body.
  2. Use a large spoon to scoop out the seeds and fibers contained within the pumpkin and discard them or save them for your favorite fall recipe!
  3. Choose your design. Whether it be a scary face, a pop culture reference, or a unique spectacle – the choice is yours!
    • If you need inspiration, check out this list of 55 pumpkin carving design ideas.
  4. Use a marker to draw an outline of your design on the face of the pumpkin. Another alternative to this method is print out your design and tape it to the face of the pumpkin.
  5. Use your serrated knife to cut out the design that you selected on the pumpkin
  6. Place a small light source inside the pumpkin and place the crown back on top of the pumpkin. Voila – you did it!

Following these tips to create your own decorations should allow you to step up your Halloween game, even if you’re in a time crunch!

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