Keeping your dorm room clean will help you stay focused. It will also help you be more organized and keep your brain from feeling cluttered.

dorm room 1

1. Make your bed in the morning- it takes 2 minutes and makes your room look a lot neater!

dorm room 2

2. Fold your laundry right away! Making sure you have time to fold and put away your laundry once its done is important for making sure your dorm is not filling up with dirty laundry and your dresser is not exploding.

dorm room 3

3. Take out your trash once a week- or as soon as it gets full, whichever comes first. This will not only keep your room neat, but nice smelling too!

dorm room 4

4. Do your dishes immediately after you’re done eating in your room. Then put them away. This will also keep your dorm from smelling. (In this vein, also clean out your fridge once a week.)

dorm room 5

5. If you need motivation- Invite members of the opposite gender to come hang out. Nothing will motivate you to make sure your dorm room is neat than a guy/girl coming over!

dorm room 6