I am an Indiana native, therefore the Indy 500 has been in my vocabulary since I was young!  It is a tradition to go to the race and has always been fun!  The race is a great place to hang out with your family and friends along with watching the Indy Racing League’s most prestigious race!  Famous people from all over come to watch the race, along with some not-so-famous people.  I have yet to run into someone who hasn’t enjoyed their time at the Indy 500!

The history of the Indy 500 goes way back, 100 years!  This year is the 100th annual race!  The first winner is 1911 was Ray Harroun.  Last year’s winner was Dario Franchitti with Target Chip Ganassi Racing.  This year there will be 33 drivers racing to be the best in Indy Car Racing!  The Indy 500 race is only one day, but there are many events leading up to the big day!

On Sunday, I get to attend the race and will be documenting my time experience!  I will be in the middle of the track, where thousands of people camp out starting early in the morning and hang out and party all day!  My job is to take some pictures and let you know what it is like to attend the Indy 500!  I’m so excited to go and to show you my experience!

Check back after the race to see my experience! It will be a lot of fun!


With love,
Kat VonD

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