A student’s college life is heavily influenced by their first-year experience and experience with a roommate and their dorm room. Living in a 10 foot by 11-foot room with a roommate is a big part of college life so, it is essential to find the roommate for you. But, where do you start? Here’s how to find a roommate freshman year.

Why Live in the Dorms with a Roommate Freshman Year?

Meeting New People

Finding your social circle in college can take some time. Moving into the dorms and having a roommate allows you to meet new people from the very first day. It’s like instant friends and community. Just add communal bathrooms.

Living Arrangements

Deciding where to live can be made easier with a roommate. Dorm accommodations depend on need, so having a roommate can land you with a bigger or better room. It can also reserve you a spot in one of the more premier housing buildings.

Dorm Life

Having a roommate is an essential part of the college dorm experience. Not only do you have a companion to help you through the year but, they can also be an avenue to friendships and social events. Most resident life events occur in dorm buildings and are a way for you and your roommate to build a stronger relationship. 

College Roommate Statistics

According to the 2017 Skyfactor Research Note:

  • 70% of first-year students have just one roommate.
  • 18% have 2+ roommates.
  • 13% have no roommate.

Of those students, students with a roommate:

  • Report higher satisfaction, on-campus social engagement, and peer connections. These students are happier on campus, enjoy campus experiences more, and create new relationships easier than those without a roommate.
  • They are less likely to feel as homesick as students with no roommate.
  • They are more likely to remain enrolled for both spring and fall terms.
  • Report higher overall GPAs.

Overall, students with roommates will get used to campus life more quickly and are more likely to succeed. If you’re questioning whether the dorm life is the right choice for you, read that list again, then make a pros-and-cons list about the resident life on your campus.

How Are College Roommates Assigned?

Each college has a different method of assigning roommates. Some colleges allow students to make requests, while other colleges match roommates by random.

First-year students at Stanford University aren’t told who they will be rooming with until move-in day. Instead, their roommates are handpicked by the undergraduate housing coordinators. The coordinators at Stanford find each student’s perfect match through a freshman assignment program, and hey, it’s worked so far! But if your campus isn’t like Stanford, here are some tools to help you find your roommate before move-in day?

Tools to Find a Roommate Freshman Year

Social Media

Making connections with other incoming students can be a great way to find potential roommates. Joining social media groups with other incoming first-year students and starting pen pal relationships online will help you get to know other students you may want to live with or befriend.

High School Peers

If you know anyone from your high school planning to attend the same university as you, consider reaching out to them. Colleges often allow you to request a roommate, so rooming with someone you know can ease the stress of being in a new place where you don’t know many people. The earlier you request a roommate, the more likely you are to get them. 

College Roommate Questionnaire

Completing a roommate questionnaire can help you find the person you’ll be most compatible with. Considerations like dorm rules, skill sets, and hobbies will make your choice easier. You never know what you take for granted until your roommate does the exact opposite!

Roommate Matching Considerations

When choosing a roommate, consider asking them about the following:

  • What are their interests (Favorite TV Shows, Music, Books, Sports)?
  • Do your sleep schedules work together? Are they an Early Bird? Or a Night Owl?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • Do your habits work together or against each other?
  • What are their pet peeves? Do they mix well with yours?
  • What are they comfortable with in the shared space of the dorm room? What are you comfortable with?
  • Do they plan on rushing their freshmen year?
  • What are you expecting from college? Do you have similar expectations?

Finding common ground is the key to a successful roommate relationship. Find someone you are compatible with, so you can avoid roommate drama and make the most of your relationship.

Whoever your roommate is, do your best to get to know them and have fun! These are the best years of your life, so make sure you make the most of it! And if you’re interested in more posts like this, subscribe to our weekly blog!

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