The last year of high school can be overwhelming, but it’s also your last chance to make friends, explore your interests and get excited about the future ahead of you! You might wonder what you’ll do in college, how you’re going to afford it, and whether you’re ready to live on your own. But don’t worry — we’ve compiled some advice on how to make your final year of high school the best it can be! Read on for 5 great tips!

1. Learn Effective Study Habits

High school seniors must learn how to effectively study in order to prepare for college level courses. These study habits can then be carried into your freshman year and beyond! The following are four tips that will help you study more effectively.

  1. Keep a To-Do List. Having a to-do list can give you motivation, help you prioritize work, and make sure you’re making progress towards completion of all tasks on the list. During your lectures, highlight weak areas in your notes which will need extra review time, and allot time in your schedule to ensure you give those topics the care they need.
  2. Ditch Multitasking. Multitasking has been shown to actually slow us down and confuse our brain about which task we should focus on next. It also leads us to do worse at all the tasks we are trying to accomplish because our brain can’t decide how it’s going to move forward with any one task. Avoid this by focusing on one thing at a time when studying.
  3. Find Your Study Style. Learning what works best for you is important when figuring out how much time you need each day to devote to studying without feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Some people benefit from sitting down at their desk with a full cup of coffee every morning, while others might like to take a few hours after dinner each evening after finishing up chores around the house.
  4. Prioritize Knowledge Areas. When deciding how much time to dedicate daily to various subjects, try prioritizing knowledge areas rather than specific subjects.

2. High School Graduate Resume

A high school graduate resume is important for applying to colleges and universities. A high school student’s resumes give colleges insight into your character, academic performance, accomplishments, and work history. Here are a few things you should include in your resume to help you stand out among other applicants.

  • List your GPA and class rank for each school you’ve attended, list scholarships received and major awards.
  • Activities – Include any extracurricular activities, including volunteer work or leadership roles in student organizations. Make sure to provide dates for when the activities took place.
  • Career Objective – Choose a general career objective that shows off your skills. For example, Seeking admission into XYZ College to pursue my passions in literature.

3. Meet With Your Guidance Counselor

Graduating high school seniors should seek advice from their guidance counselor to prepare for college and life beyond. A guidance counselor can help you with everything from registering for classes to academic resources like where to buy cheap textbooks (i.e. When you’re talking to a guidance counselor, it’s important to remember that they’ve been in your shoes before. They know what you’re going through, so they’ll be able to give you the best advice possible when it comes to planning for college or future careers. Talking to a guidance counselor is just one way to ensure you have the best chance at success as a graduating high school senior.

4. Spend Time With Friends and Family

One of the biggest tips for high school students is ensuring good mental health by having an optimal social life. One way is to stay connected through classes. If you can’t take certain courses with friends, make sure to connect with them outside of the classroom. Make good use of your extracurricular activities by participating in sports, arts, theater and other social activities. Get involved in community service projects or volunteer work. Don’t forget to spend time with family as well — it’s important not just for the sake of your parents, but also for your own mental health. Reach out if you need help! You don’t want to be alone during this big transition into adulthood.

5. Practice Hobbies Frequently

Having hobbies is important for personal development and confidence, especially in high school. If you spend your days doing homework and studying, it can be hard to feel a sense of balance. Hobbies are essential to help find this balance. They help with stress, bring joy into your life, and they create new perspectives on things. Hobbies build character, which drives your confidence, and it’s a great way to meet with like-minded people who share your interests! It’s important that you find time for yourself in high school so that you can grow as a person and have a skillset that will stick long term.

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