Yet again the year is winding down for many college students. Some of the most dreaded school days come at the end of each semester, FINAL EXAMS. Below are some things to keep in mind and tips to try when studying!

-Get sleep!
-Keep away from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.
-Stay organized
-Try using flashcards- many students find the use of flashcards extremely helpful and easy to challenge yourself on knowing the material.
-Know when to say no- if you NEED to study, don’t let the invite to get dinner with your friends override your decision to study!
-Try to study at a desk or table, not your bed or the couch
-Remain calm, no need to freak out, it’s just a test
-Keep your goals in mind
-Try making a studying checklist
-Problems staying awake?- If you have the ability to change the temperature in your room, house, etc. lower the temperature. The cooler air has been known to keep you awake rather than warmer air.
-Don’t forget to eat properly
-If you are given an outline you should USE IT!
-Don’t lose your motivation!
-Try studying with a friend! However, REMEMBER THAT STUDYING IS YOUR MAIN GOAL!

If you have any tips for your fellow student share them in the comment box!! I hope these help all of you!

With love,
Kat VonD

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