Funny (But True) College Stories

We think it’s pretty safe to say that college is a very unique time in a person’s life. If you have been to college, chances are you probably have at least one funny or crazy story to tell. Since social media dominates how most of us communicate these days, it’s pretty easy to find plenty of funny stories about college online.

Reddit has become a popular place online for users to share stories and ask for advice. We took to Reddit to find some of the best funny stories that users had to share from their time in college.

r/college Subreddit

In the r/College Subreddit (the place on Reddit to discuss anything and everything college related) user 49_1 asked users to share their funny college stories. User 49_1 also shared their own funny story:

Here’s mine. I was doing an assignment that was due in 30 minutes in the library. 5 minutes left, I quickly print my assignment, write my name on top and hurry to class and turn it in. A few days later, my professor emails me saying that my assignment was identical to another person and that I will be getting a zero for the assignment. I was like WTF? because I don’t talk to anyone in the class and I knew I didn’t cheat. So I said ok I will talk to you in the next class.

So in the next class, me and this girl stay behind and the professor hands us our assignments. and they were exactly the same! Apparently, she printed hers in the library before me and I guess she printed an extra, and I accidentally picked hers up and just saw the top and assumed it was mine lol.

But luckily, the assignment was two pages and I somehow took her first page but my second page. So that kind of told the professor that I didn’t mean to cheat, since we each wrote about a different topic. I was able to print mine again and turn my assignment in lol.

Here are some of our favorite responses:

Piano Man 

We have a piano in our commons on campus and every few days I sit down and play for 10-15 minutes. One day I’m doing my thing and when I get done, this guy comes up to me and he says,

“Hey man, great job! I love listening to you play.”

And I say, “Thanks dude, I appreciate you saying that.”

And he says back, “Yeah I actually just broke up with my girlfriend because she wanted to leave and I wanted to stay and listen to you play.”

That was an awkward moment for sure. I told him that was a bad idea but he just shrugged it off and left. I was laughing all the way to my next class. – u/sheepishmenorah

Portable Speakers, Traffic Cones, and Free Pizza

Haha I remember freshman year I had a very loud portable speaker and an oversized traffic cone which the speaker happened to fit in very nicely. I found when the speaker was inside the cone it amplified the sound 10x so it was insanely loud.

My dorm had occasional PA announcements that started with a little three ding “chime” tune that I found online so I used iMovie and created a recording that’s started with the chime then said

“Attention all residents of [my dorm] there is currently FREE PIZZA in the lobby! Bring your student ID and come on down for a free slice!”

I would put my traffic cone with the speaker out in my hallway and everyone would open their dorms up and sprint to the lobby where the desk attendant would have no clue what they were talking about. – u/Yaksho


One day last semester, the power went out on campus. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Well, you see a squirrel (Sparky) had a genius idea to climb a pole. Still, nothing out of the ordinary.

At the top of the pole, there was a transformer that looked fun to play in. He had a blast!

Unfortunately Sparky bit the wrong wire and well, you see, Sparky went spark. He didn’t make it.

We still look up to Sparky today. He saw the light in the darkness. – u/Warren-Binder

Pocket full of Mayonnaise

One time I went to a photography club event and this one eccentric dude was modeling for us. When he was introducing himself to me, he pulled some mayonnaise packets out of his pocket and gave them to me and said something like “here, eat some, they’re really good”, and I thought like “haha funny joke”.

I found out that he wasn’t joking when he started slurping them down back-to-back the entire time. Dude legit had a pocket full of mayonnaise packets to slurp on. – u/FamishedHippopotamus

Short and Sweet

I went to college. That’s it. That’s the story. – u/BigChilling25

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