Choosing the right music for a road trip with friends is almost as important as choosing the right route to take. The playlist you select can make or break the vibes of your road trip, and honestly, that’s a lot of pressure! Don’t get too worked up over it, though. We’ve taken to the internet and Spotify to come up with this list of playlists that should be in your road trip rotation. So if you’re the friend who’s been designated as the DJ for the trip, here is our list of playlists you need to listen to next.

Here’s our top road trip playlists

Rod’s (: <* mYsPaCe PlAyLiSt *> 🙂 

If you’re on TikTok, you have probably heard of Rod, known primarily for being a millennial in a corporate job. He uses throwbacks to get through the workday and explains GenZ trends and drama to the millennial population. If you’ve seen his TikToks, you’ve probably thought that you wanted a playlist of all of the songs that he uses. We’re here to tell you that you’re not the only one! And because of all of the requests, he created playlists you can follow on Spotify. Currently, we’re being thrown back to a simpler time. A time where we all somehow knew how to code — the Myspace era.  It’s time to throw the entire car back there with you with this playlist.

Songs that Excite the White Folk 

Any song you’d hear a wedding DJ play makes up this fantastic playlist. Everything from Shake It by Metro Station to Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts. As hilarious as this playlist sounds, you’ll find it surprising how well everyone in your car knows every song. And it never fails. You’ll all be singing every song as you drive down the road.

New Music Friday 

Discover new music with this playlist! Every Friday, your new favorite song you haven’t discovered yet is most likely being added to this playlist. If you want to hear some new music just to drive to. Or maybe you want to find music to make your life feel like a music video. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a new favorite song. Whatever you’re looking for, this is the playlist for you.

Top Songs – USA 

A pretty generic road trip playlist for when you just want to sing along with the top hits of today. This playlist is sure to have a little something everyone likes! They are the songs topping the US charts, after all. 

Road Trip Sing-Along Songs 

No road trip is complete without a few hours of a road trip karaoke session. A time where the whole car is singing along to whatever is playing on the radio. And because of this, we have the perfect playlist for you to sing along to! The songs on this playlist are the songs that will take any road trip karaoke session to the next level. Throw this playlist on in your car, and we promise that everyone will be singing along!


This playlist got its notoriety after it went viral on TikTok! Because a bride talked about how her maid of honor made arguably the best playlist for her Bachelorette weekend.  Here’s the thing… She wasn’t wrong. You don’t have to be on a girls-only trip to appreciate what this playlist has to offer, either. Add this playlist into your road trip rotation and see the magic that unfolds!

Remember: A good road trip playlist can make or break your trip!

Enjoy adding these new playlists to your road trip rotation. Even better, add them to your daily listeners. Safe travels and happy listening this summer!

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