Wanting a Pet is Normal

It may be hard to tell this reading through rental listings on Zillow, but having a pet is exceedingly normal. In fact, 67% of US households own a pet. Having a pet in a rental unit does have a few other considerations, such as potential to damage the property and forfeit a security deposit. More than that, you need to make considerations for the animal, such as: Do I need access to a wide open area or dog park?

Here are some of the best pets for renters:

  • Small Dogs
    • Yorkshire Terrier (AKA “Yorkies”)
      • Non-Aggressive
      • Low Shedding
      • Easily Trained
      • OK in small spaces
      • Can be left alone without barking
    • Havanese
      • Smart
      • Highly Trainable
      • OK with strangers & other pets.
      • Ok in small spaces
      • Medium exercise needs.
    • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
      • Medium exercise needs.
      • Highly playful & affectionate.
      • Friendly to other dogs, pets, & strangers
      • Easy to train – Easy to groom
      • Can be left alone without barking.

Pro Tip: Dog parks can be great, but not having one close by shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Many small and medium sized dogs do just fine as long as they can be walked on a leash at least once or twice a day.

  • Guinea Pigs
    • Excellent apartment pets.
    • 4-8 year life span.
    • Good for first-time pet owners.
  • Completely contained pet space
    • Requires exercise, but not lots of space.

Here are some unique pets for renters:

  • Bearded Dragons
    • Hibernates regularly for weeks at a time.
    • Requires warmth (heat lamp)
    • Good for first-time pet owners
    • Completely contained pet space
    • Requires little exercise.
    • One of the least likely pets to cause damage.
  • Sugar Gliders (for experienced pet owners only!)
    • Probably will require a pet deposit.
    • You should have a same-sex pair, otherwise the animal’s health may suffer.
    • Only allowed at some rentals. 
    • Best for apartments or townhomes with lofted ceilings.
    • Need lots of space & daily out-of-cage workouts.
    • Get a young sugar glider – older ones can be territorial.
  • Leopard Geckos
    • Usually not a concern for landlords.
    • Extremely low-maintenance.
    • May require periodic sourcing & feeding of small crickets.
    • Can be left along for extended periods.
    • Good for first-time pet owners.

Tips for Pets in Rentals

Fish didn’t make our list here, because many landlords see large volumes of water a big hazard. Some, however, will allow small aquariums for a single goldfish, for example. The magic number seems to be that tanks that are 5 gallons or larger pose a threat. 

Depending on which pet you are planning to have as a roommate, you may want to consider talking with your landlord about any potential paperwork or deposits. Especially if the pet is a larger animal like a dog or cat. Typically, small lizards like geckos pose little threat to the real estate.

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