Why College Students Need Yoga

Why College Students Need Yoga

Why do college students need yoga? When anyone thinks of yoga, they immediately picture people doing headstands and breathing. Some people might think what really can you learn from it? Since I was eight years old, my mother had brought me to her yoga sessions and I have been hooked since then. Yoga is not only about learning to control your breathing or becoming more flexible (although those two things will improve), it can improve balance, decrease stress and reduce risks of heart disease. Here are the reasons college students need yoga.

Yoga Reduces Stress

Why College Students Need Yoga

One of the big reasons I think college students should do yoga is the stress management. Students are constantly stressed from all the homework, the student loan debts, to being overworked at jobs. Yoga provides an outlet to dealing with that stress instead of turning to vices like smoking or drinking. It lets your body and mind relax, clear your head and help you find solutions to problems.

Student Performance

Why College Students Need Yoga

There have been several studies showing that yoga can allow people to become a better student by enhancing focus and concentration skills. It is a way to improve self-awareness and breathing control. Just like how yoga can help you handle stress, it can help how the overall performance as a student.

Improve Your Attitude

Why College Students Need Yoga

One thing that I never fully believed when I was younger was how yoga can change your overall attitude and personality. In its own way, yoga can change the way your brain thinks. Not only can it reduce anxiety but change how the brain responds to emotions like fear and depression. Letting yoga change your attitude can change how your mindset on how you see everything else.

Yoga can be useful for all the reasons  above but one of the biggest reasons I do yoga is purely the feeling of happiness I get after a session. So if you’re struggling with concentration, depression, anxiety, poor grades, etc. during college, give yoga a try. Whether you’re taking yoga through a class at the gym or at home on a laptop, let yoga change you physically and emotionally. What do you have to lose?

“The Mindset List” for the Class of 2017

There is no denying that our lifestyles differ greatly from those of our middle-aged professors, many of whom survive daily without the use of a smartphone. While it is understandable for this generation to want to share their experiences with us, there is only so much we can take. Hearing about the “good old days” and sitting through lectures filled with obscure references to the “Andy Griffith Show” will eventually force us to write-off these educators as simply outdated and disconnected. Each year the incoming freshman class seems younger and younger and the gap between the students and faculty continues to widen. But how can such an issue be fixed?

One suggestion has been to lay out all the facts about our lifestyles and the things we have come to know as “normal” for all these baby boomers to see.  To stop beating around the bush and pretending that maybe we aren’t that different from each other. And that is exactly what the Mindset List is all about. Each year this list is released with the incoming freshman class in mind (this year being the class that is set to graduate in 2017). Below is a sneak peak, but you can find the whole thing here.  I encourage you, as members of my misunderstood generation, to share this list and spread the word!

Mindset List Cropped