Selling textbooks online has never been easier. All you need is a 13 or 10 digit ISBN number, an internet connection, and a few spare minutes, and you can instantly start getting quotes for your used books. Many people begin entering their used book info to find that they have hundreds of dollars just lying around in their home. 

Don’t miss out on the extra cash you could be earning from selling your used textbooks! 

Top 5 Sites to Sell Textbooks Online

Many vendors offer to buy back textbooks. Some vendors outsource this activity to 3rd parties, and some will only purchase in bulk, etc. To make things easy for the everyday individual who just wants to sell a few books, here are our top 5 online textbook buyback sites in 2021.

Website NameGoogle RankTrustpilot RankSiteJabber RankPayment TimeframeIn-Store Credit Bonus?
eCampus4.73.94.63-5 Weeks+5%
BookScouterN/A3.84.0Varies by SellerVaries by Seller
Facebook MarketplaceN/A1.43.4Varies by SellerNone
Chegg (GoTextbooks)N/A3.11.72-4 WeeksNone
Barnes and Noble4.51.83.71-2 WeeksNone

How to List Your Books

  1. Decide to Sell – Make sure you want to sell your book(s). Some textbooks are good to hang onto if you think you might need them later in your professional life. If not, then move on to step 2.
  2. Find your ISBN Number
    • ISBNs are 13 Digits. (Some older books may have 10-digit ISBNs)
    • Enter your ISBN in the search bar of the buyback site.
  3. Choose a Payment Method
    • Store Credit (Typically the fastest. Also, it often comes with a bonus.)
    • Direct Deposit (Most Popular)
    • PayPal 
    • Check (May have an additional fee. Slowest payment method.)
  4. Prepaid Shipping Labels
    • The buyback vendor should supply shipping information, which usually involves a free shipping label. Be sure to use this label. Failure to do so may result in loss of books & payment.
  5. Package & Ship Your Books
    • The packaging of books does not need to be fancy. Try to look for existing packaging that you can re-use such as an old Amazon box, shoebox, or even a cereal box.
    • Ship your books promptly. Some buyback quotes have expiration dates!
  6. Receive Payment
    • The most popular payment methods (PayPal and Direct Deposit) can take several weeks for the item to be delivered to the vendor, checked in, and processed. Be patient, but also expect regular updates from the vendor on the status of your shipment. Contact the vendor if several weeks go by with no communication.

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