Including Textbook Access on Day One

It’s no secret that many students don’t have the required materials for their classes on day one. Either they’re too expensive, too hard to get, or maybe it’s just a matter of waiting until the last minute. Either way, students who have the right materials are destined to succeed more often than those who do not. This is where Inclusive Access comes in.

What is Inclusive Access?

Before the first day of class, students enrolled in courses with Inclusive Access will automatically receive their required materials digitally, right when they need them. No shopping around. No renting. No campus bookstore. With access to digital course materials included in the cost of admission, students can begin working immediately by accessing resources through the school’s LMS from day one. 

Here’s a few obvious reasons why Inclusive Access is so popular.

  • Students always get the correct materials.
  • Automatic day one access.
  • Up to 80% lower costs than equivalent pricing for printed materials.
  • Materials are billed as a course material fee directly to the student’s account.
  • Students aren’t forced to participate, and they can receive a refund by opting-out during the opt-out period at the start of their course.

Publishers Using Inclusive Access

Most major textbook publishers have embraced the shift toward Inclusive Access and have begun to develop digital course materials to fill the growing demand among students. Some publisher programs that are adopting this approach include:

Why Schools/Instructors Prefer Inclusive Access

Everyone wins with Inclusive Access. The pandemic increased demand for digital course materials worldwide, and many school bookstores struggled to meet the needs of their students. In response, many schools turned toward the new inclusive model. The benefits that are offered at the institutional level include:

  • Faculty can choose the course content they feel to be the most appropriate
  • Ability to manage content and to add instructor-generated content within some platforms
  • Online assignments can begin on first day of class
  • Ability to integrate with LMS allows single sign-on access and grade-book integration
  • Access to instructor analytics on student engagement and success
  • Compliance guaranteed through below-market pricing, available opt-out, and first-day delivery
  • Convenient, consolidated billing directly to student account

Which Schools are Using Inclusive Access?

Hundreds. Here are three example schools taking advantage of the benefits of Inclusive Access:

Do Inclusive Access Textbooks Cost Extra?

While the price of each item will vary depending on a variety of factors, students can expect that Inclusive Access pricing will be on average 50-80% lower than market rates for equivalent printed materials. Additionally, since costs are consolidated to their student billing account, students don’t need to worry about figuring out how to pay for materials that they need to be successful.

How to Get Inclusive Access at Your School

With growing popularity, Inclusive Access is now just a click away! Visit to learn more about how you can benefit from an inclusive access program at your institution. To fill out an interest form, visit the Contact Us page.

You can also call 1-877-294-3513 to talk with a representative about the right solution for you.