How to Buy Textbooks in 2022

The fall 2021 semester has come and gone. It might not feel like it now, but the spring 2022 semester will be here before you know it! Set yourself up for success in the new year by getting prepared to buy textbooks in 2022.

Course Materials

Making sure you have the right course materials when starting a new semester is crucial for maintaining long-term success. Even though you probably have leftover material and supplies from last semester, it’s good to restock on the essentials as you head into a new semester. These are the essential materials that you’ll need: pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, highlighters, paper, etc.

In addition to basic school supplies, you will also need instructional materials. The instructional materials for a course include the readings, lectures, multimedia components, and the required textbooks.

Buying Textbooks

Regardless of how many times you’ve done it, buying textbooks can still be an overwhelming experience. When you’re ready to start the buying process, the first thing you need to do is look at your course schedule and identify when each of your courses is set to begin. 

Unless you are required to complete an assignment or reading before the beginning of the course, it’s a good idea to wait until the first day of class to purchase textbooks. On your first day of class, you should receive your syllabus with all outlined course materials. You can also confirm with your instructor what course materials are required and if there are any additional materials that you’ll need that aren’t on the syllabus.

Once you have a list of all of your required textbooks and materials, then you can start getting ready to purchase. It’s important to pay attention to assignment dates as you’ll want to make sure you have all your materials when you need them.

If you’re still unsure about when to buy your textbooks, check out our blog post, “When Should I Buy My College Textbooks”, for more information.

Ordering Books Online

Some textbooks and other materials you will be able to find both in-store and online. However, you could save some serious money by purchasing textbooks online. Sites like CheapestTextbooks and DirectTextbook can help you compare prices for textbooks across a ton of websites so you can find the best deal. For more information on buying textbooks online, check out our list of best sites to buy college textbooks.

If you decide to order your books online, remember to factor in shipping times. Due to shipping delays in the United States, some orders may take longer to get to you than normal. To make sure that you have your books when you need them, it is recommended that you place your online order at least 5-7 business days before you need your book. This applies to both purchases of rented books and purchases of used or new books.

Access Codes

After looking over the required materials for your class, you might come to find that you also have to purchase an access code for additional online course materials. An access code is like a password that students use to access content online. The online content will depend on the course and to what extent the professor utilizes the online resources. It is important to note that an access code is not the same thing as a textbook.

If you need to purchase an access code for your course, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Not all textbooks come with access codes
  2. Used textbooks and most rentals do not come with access codes
  3. Some access codes can be bought online
  4. Access codes don’t always last forever
  5. Most access codes can’t be returned

Are you still confused about access codes? Check out our previous post on “How to Buy Textbooks for a College Student” for everything you need to know about access codes.

When it comes to buying textbooks in 2022, the important things to remember are: plan ahead and buy early. Set yourself up for success in 2022 by making sure you have all the materials you need when you need them.

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