The 15 Struggles of Summer

Summer is a time most people enjoy. You can finally do all the things you planned, catch up on things you missed, get that break you’ve been wanting, etc. These are all the things you tell yourself, only to have certain factors make enjoying your summer much harder. There are many struggles that come with summer, and we put together a list of 15 we all go through:

1.Hot Car Seats

After leaving your car out in the baking sun all day, it’s finally time to leave. You go to sit down only to jump out of your scalding hot leather seats. It’s as if you sat on the sun! So you wait a few torturous minutes in the heat while the AC kicks in before getting back in the car.


2. Bugs

All you want to do is enjoy the outdoors, but you just can’t seem to do that without becoming a mosquito’s human juice box. Then there are bees and wasps swarming around, plotting the perfect time to sting you.


3. Sweat Marks

You go to take your backpack off your shoulders only to find the complete sweat imprint it left on your back and shoulders. That was your favorite shirt too. Now it’s going to be sweat stained forever.


4. Sunburn

No matter how many times you reapplied sunscreen, you still managed to miss a spot. Instead of that nice tan you wanted, you look like a human tomato. Say hello to a week of uncomfortable sitting and laying down.


5. Hot Outside, Cold Inside

You stand outside sweating while wishing it wasn’t so hot. You go back inside and freeze, wishing it wasn’t so cold because of the wind tunnel your AC is creating. You just can’t win.


6. Hay Fever

It’s such a lovely time to do outdoor activities such as going for a walk and having a BBQ. That is until you start coughing and sneezing your brains out. That darn pollen gets the best of everybody.


7. Gas Prices

As if the price of gas wasn’t already high enough. Why not raise it more? Since everyone goes on vacation during the summer, that means gas is even more expensive then usual, which also means you have a bigger hole in your wallet than usual. Yay…


8. The Disappearing Sunglasses

Why is it that every time it hits summer, your sunglasses just magically disappear? You keep buying pair after pair only to find all of them later when you need them least.


9. Yard Work

There are many other things you’d rather be doing, but that yard isn’t going to fix itself. You’re pressured to make your lawn look as good as everyone else’s. That means mowing, weeding, gardening, and watering the plants while you sweat your butt off.


10. Too Hot to Sleep

Some nights, it just gets too hot no matter how many layers of clothing and bed sheets you remove. It makes for a sweaty, uncomfortable night of sleep.


11. Everything Just Melts

Your drink is melting, your ice creaming is melting, that chocolate you left in your car is melting, and so on. It gets to a point where even eating outside isn’t as enjoyable because you aren’t quick enough to finish before it melts.


12. Humidity

Your hair looks great! Too bad as soon as you step outside it’s going to turn into a frizzy mess. Anyone with medium or long hair goes through this every single summer.


13. Summer Classes

While everyone else is outside enjoying the beach, you’re stuck in school taking summer classes. Then your stuck at home doing homework. Isn’t summer time supposed to be a break away from school? Think again…


14. The Pressure of Being in Shape for Swim Suit Season

You think you have plenty of time to get into shape for swim suit season, but then summer creeps around the corner and bam! Now all you feel is pressure to go to the gym.


15. Productivity Goes Right Out the Window

During the summer you tell yourself to be productive. So you step outside only to immediately backtrack into the house because of the heat. Netflix is calling your name. You promise yourself you’ll be productive tomorrow as you binge watch 13 Reasons Why. Wait there’s a second season now? Alright you promise to be productive the day after that…


Despite the struggles of beating the heat, still take the time to enjoy the summer. Some may like it more than others, but it’s still a good time to catch up with friends, discover new things, travel to new places, and meet new people. The key is to have fun!

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