Sell Your Spring Break Vacation

Want to add something incredible to your resume that puts you over the edge? Do something over Spring Break that you’ll be able to sell to employers! Show them that you take advantage of your free time in productive ways by trying some of these Spring Break ideas.

Shadow someone in your profession

2-26 Job-Shadow-Day

This shows your dedication to your major and profession of interest. It also shows that you have some experience and have spoken with and have connections to professionals in your field.  If you don’t know where to start choose a company you think would be of interest and use their contact information to find out if it’s a possibility.


2-26 wentworth-alternative-spring-break-fla

Whether in your hometown or in a far off country, community service work always looks good on a resume. You are dedicating your free time to helping other people! Good for you! Ever heard of Alternative Spring Break? 

Continue your current internship

2-26 intern

This can be harder to sell, but it shows a willingness to spend break furthering your knowledge and skills rather than lying on the beach or watching Netflix.  Don’t have an internship to start with? Check out Internships.com.

Help out your old high/middle/elementary school with a fundraiser

2-26 photo-21-2

EVERYONE likes to see that you know how to contribute to a fundraiser.  It’s a bonus you get to see old friends and faculty and you might just stumble upon some networking opportunities while you’re at it.

Learn something new

2-26 student-mobile_2657187b

Take the time off to learn to code or speed through a language learning app like Duolingo. You can then add this skill to your resume, giving employers more reasons to hire you.

How to be a Philanthropist Without Leaving Your Dorm Room

It’s easy to get lost in our own lives.  It seems every hour of every day is booked for the whole year—and beyond. With so many obligations, volunteering becomes just another task at the end of the to-do list. You don’t have to feel guilty. Here’s a guide on easy ways to give back while accomplishing today’s chores.

When you clean out your closet and sweep this winter’s dirt from under your bed, keep an eye out for old, outgrown running shoes. Nike’s Re-Use a Shoe program re-cycles the shoes with the help of Nike Better World. They turn worn out sneakers into playgrounds, basketball courts and even into sports equipment

If you’re on the market for a comfortable, versatile pair of shoes and a way to change a life, you’re in luck. TOMS Shoes is dedicated to giving back. The company matches every purchase, sending shoes to a child in need worldwide. The shoes average around $50 with a wide selection of styles, so you can proudly wear your good deed.

With the motto “Buy a hat. Change a life,” Krochet Kids empowers women in Northern Uganda and Peru by teaching them how to crochet hats, which ultimately creates economic sustainability in small communities. The hats cost around $30 and every hat is signed by the woman who made it, so you can go onto the site and learn how you directly impacted her life. How could this purchase get any better? They sell more than hats.

While you’re waiting for the water to boil or in line at the store, visit FreeRice.com, a non-profit site run by the United Nations World Food Programme. For every question you answer correctly while taking any of their quizzes, they donate 10 grains of rice to help end world hunger. Brush up on your vocabulary, math, geography and other subjects while the rice quickly adds up—and what a great way to get your children actively learning and giving.