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Over the next three weeks, college students (and their parents) will spend more than $3 billion on the most essential of all winter back-to-school items: textbooks. The average student spends nearly $700 on textbooks for the new semester, but an increasing number are bringing these costs down by renting their textbooks instead. Textbook rentals hardly existed four years ago, but they now account for nearly 48% of all sales.  By renting textbooks students can save 60-80% off the list price.  Rent your textbooks from and see why so many students are excited about saving tons of cash this semester! To view the full infographic click here.


Buy New & Used or Rent From! is getting ready for the rush! School is back in session! We know you will be needing textbooks, so click over to to find all the books you need! We offer students the option of new textbooks, used textbooks, rent textbooks, and etextbooks! Get your books while they are in stock!!

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A Book’s Life

With the school year quickly approaching it is almost impossible to not think of the daunting first day woes such as sitting in a class just to get your syllabus, walking in the rain, and dropping cash on paper, pens, blue books etc.  At least there is one thing that can be a breeze; ordering your book off!  So sit back and let us do the work of getting the best version of your required text delivered right to your door.  And in case you were wondering exactly how a textbook order makes it from your computer screen to an actual book in your hand; we have put together a little video to explain.


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