It Is Time to Stop Stressing Out

In college, sometimes things get tough. I’m going to shed some light on how you can help yourself get through these “tough” times and not get too stressed out.

Scenario number one: I need a job! Money is tight for most all college students. If you have time to work but are worried you won’t be able to find a job in your new town, don’t be! I moved from Iowa to Omaha and I wanted a job more than anything. You have to be proactive. I went around to various stores and introduced myself to many managers.  I filled out numerous applications and sure enough, quickly got multiple interviews. The key is to look for a job right at the beginning of the school year. Most part time jobs have seasonal workers who maybe live in your college town but go to school elsewhere. When these employees to away to school, they need people to fill their shoes fast during the school year, it’s perfect! Be confident and go get em!

Scenario number two: Homework overload! College is interesting because although you will suddenly have an abundance of free time, you will also find yourself with insane amounts of homework. If you put two and two together, do your homework in your free time! I know it doesn’t sound like the most fun to use your free time for your studies, but it will benefit you. If you use time between classes or at lunch to study, you can use your evenings to relax. I’ve found myself mastering the art of getting everything done early in the day or afternoon; it’s so nice to be able to relax when dinner time rolls around.

Scenario number three: I got dumped! I know the initial thing to do after being dumped is going to one extreme or the other. Either you don’t eat or you eat the whole pantry. Either you don’t sleep or you sleep your life away. Either you don’t work out or you never stop. Point is, neither extreme is healthy. College brings change that sometimes high school relationships or summer flings can’t handle. If you find yourself suddenly riding solo, embrace it! Think of all the new fish in the college sea. I know at first it will seem as though no one can compare to the one you were with, truth is; only time will tell. If you are supposed to be with that person, eventually it will happen if not, it might as well end sooner than later.  Have fun, remain confident, and don’t always think you NEED to be in a relationship to be happy.

Scenario number four: I’ve gained weight! Everyone has heard of the so called, “freshman 15.” It’s true that college can initially lead to weight gain. This is due to eating at later times in the night, eating more fast food, and not working out as much. Alcohol is also one of the main causes of weight gain in college students.  To fix your sudden weight gain, start with eating right. Pick meals that include each food group, and attempt to snack less. Along with eating the right foods, try and eat all your food before 9 at night. The later you eat, the more food sticks on your body once you sleep. Eating breakfast is one of the main contributors to a healthy diet. Breakfast gets your metabolism going sooner, and leads to less hunger overall throughout the day. If you must go to a fast food restaurant to eat, try and pick a subway or order off the lower calorie menu. The best advice is to just avoid fast food. Other things to avoid include pop and alcohol. These beverages are loaded with a ridiculous amount of calories. If you feel a good workout is in order, just do it! Now that the weather is getting nice, try going for a run or a bike ride. Getting active is a step in the right direction.

I hope if any of my scenarios related to you, my advice will also. Have an awesome last few weeks of school!

-Speedy G.

Summer Breakups

Summer is a time for freedom and fun! Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a romantic relationship with your other half! So you’re thinking, a break for the summer is the best idea. But how do you break it off? How do you cope? I’m no relationship specialist but I have some helpful tips you might like to try!

How to break it off- some conversations starters to try
-Express your concern about the summer, and time apart you might be spending.
-Let them know you are going to be a free spirit this summer, and you wouldn’t want to do anything that is hurtful to your partner
-Say you don’t belong in a relationship, especially in the summertime
-A little bit of a break might be beneficial to both of you and if the relationship is right and meant to be, you will end up back together at the end of the summer
-Make it known that your summer schedule will be busy and hectic and you might not be able to give your partner all of the attention he or she is wanting
-If it isn’t working, it isn’t working.. Some things cannot be forced
-You want to know what else is out there

Sometimes that hardest part about a breakup is trying to get over your lover. It can be hard to cope with the separation, lack of conversation and attention, and the feeling of loneliness. Try these tips to help you get through it!

Getting over the breakup and moving on
-YOUR FRIENDS ARE YOUR SAVIORS! Be with them as much as possible!
-Avoid being bored and alone, it just gives you time to think!
-Remove their phone numbers from your cell, but write it down and put it in a safe spot so it’s not gone forever.
-If staying in contact is something that is unavoidable, keep it friendly and emotionless!
-When you say it is done, really make it done. Allowing for the person to come in and out of your life like a revolving door will never help you get over the pain.
-Fill your schedule with work, or whatever keeps you busy!
-Know that when one door closes, another door opens.
-If you are meant to be, it will find a way. Trust that.
-Avoid talking about the breakup or the other person in general, there is plenty of other things to talk about!
-Don’t be afraid to move on, especially if your ex has!
-Keep it classy, no matter how bad the breakup, badmouthing your ex won’t get you ahead in the end.
-Know that every day there is a reason to smile! (:
-Every day is a fresh start, do with it what you will, but make the best of it.
We all have had to deal with a break up! Do you have any other tips or advice to give to other bloggers? Your suggestions, comments, and feedback would be awesome!

With love,
Kat VonD

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