The Ultimate Dorm Essentials Checklist

Freaking out about moving into the dorms this fall, or know someone who is? I know when I was moving into the dorms I was a mess. When I was making a list of everything I needed I kept leaving things off. It’s really hard to think of all the stuff you are going to need. Thankfully, this checklist has all the essentials on it and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you have everything. Makes everything so much easier! Take it with you when you go dorm shopping, share it with your friends, or just share it in general! It will come in handy when you get that feeling that you’re forgetting something. You can also download and print the PDF version of our Dorm Essentials Checklist here.

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A Look at Twitter Followings (Infographic)

With the ever growing social network Twitter on the rise, decided to take a look at who holds the most influence. From music to television to sports, these followings are quite impressive. We all know that Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Lebron James are well known, but did you realize that combined they have the ability to influence over 36 million people?!

Take a look at the numbers of the biggest influencers on Twitter in music, sports, and television in the infographic below.  To see the full graphic please visit the Library of College Infographics.

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Textbook Rentals Are Taking Over at (infographic)

Over the next three weeks, college students (and their parents) will spend more than $3 billion on the most essential of all winter back-to-school items: textbooks. The average student spends nearly $700 on textbooks for the new semester, but an increasing number are bringing these costs down by renting their textbooks instead. Textbook rentals hardly existed four years ago, but they now account for nearly 48% of all sales.  By renting textbooks students can save 60-80% off the list price.  Rent your textbooks from and see why so many students are excited about saving tons of cash this semester! To view the full infographic click here.


Home for the Holidays Infographic

‘Tis the season for student travel! Through a student survey and some great data from our friends at Amtrak we found that 88% of students are planning to travel this holiday season.  Most students are traveling alone by car to make it home this holiday season.  There will be enough spent on gas for 1,943,576 students to rent textbooks for an entire semester!

Over 80,000 students will be traveling by train this holiday season on Amtrak.  Using the Student Advantage Card those students will enjoy over $850,000 in savings!  Among the Amtrak everyday passenger discounts, the Student Advantage Card holders get a 15% discount when riding the Amtrak trains. The Student Advantage Card is the nation’s largest student discount program for students 16 years of age and older to access thousands of discount locations across the country, near your campus and online. Get your Amtrak Student Advantage Card today to start your savings on train travels with Amtrak.  Are you headed home for the holidays?

Sources: & Amtrak Student Advantage

You can find this infographic and others at the Library of College Infographics

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Are You Headed Home for the Holidays? (infographic)
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