Awesome Gadgets to Wish For This Holiday Season

After doing a little digging, we have found that there are some really awesome gadgets out there that college students would absolutely love to get their hands on! These gadgets are definitely something you want to add to your holiday wish list!

USB LED Beverage Cooler – $19.99

This little gadget is a must have for college students living in small spaces.  Not enough room to fit a mini fridge in your dorm room? No problem! This tiny cooler is powered through your USB drive and cools one can at a time.  This gadget is also super portable meaning that you can make sure your can of energy drink is always cold when studying at the library!




Tulip Desk Lamp – $59.99

This little desk lamp is a great addition to any room! It is compact enough to fit on a desk or nightstand, but it can direct your light source where you need it.  The flexible bending head on this lamp allows you to point your lamp at the desk, the ceiling, or anywhere you want!

Compact Photo Cube Printer – $149.00

Ever snap a photo with your cell phone and wish you could print it out on the spot? Well you can! This printer prints 4×6 images without a computer.  Just place your Andriod or Apple device into the dock on top of this printer and you are ready to print! This compact printer only measures 7″ wide and easily fits on your desk.  It also includes a carrying case so you can print on-the-go!




Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 Devices – $229.99

This is one super, super good gadget.  Perfect for students that love movies and photos, this pocket projector is great for on-the-go travel entertainment.  All you do is dock your iPhone 4 into the device and it will project your screen onto any surface.  This means that you can share the movie you are watching on your phone with your friends by projecting an image up to 50″! As a plus, this projector can also serve as a back-up battery for your phone.

Apple TV – $99.00

This little gadget is awesome! This small box that can fit into the palm of your hand hooks to your TV via an HDMI cable and then uses your wireless internet to stream directly to your TV.  Using AirPlay on your Apple device, you can wireless stream music, movies, and photos to your television.  This little box also accesses Netflix, YouTube, the entire iTunes Store, and much more from your TV.

lucy Nightlight Jacket – $99.99

This gadget is a must for people who like the run in the evenings! This running jacket with quick-drying technology is piped with LED lights making it reflective on all sides.  Not only that, but it is convertible with zip-off sleeves making it versatile year-round.

iWatchz Q Collection Watch Strap for iPod Nano – $24.99

We love this! Turn your iPod Nano into a watch! This silicone watch band securely holds your iPod Nano in place! Now you can watch movies and listen to music with only your watch!

HeatShift Laptop Cooler 15″ Pad – $29.99

The perfect gadget for people who enjoy working on their laptops in bed! This cooling pad uses cooling crystals to absorb the heat coming from your laptop, lowering the temperature of your computer by up to 10 degrees.  Because it uses crystals rather than a fan, this cooling pad is silent and won’t bother others who may be around while you are working.

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels – $39.95

Do you tend to oversleep for class? If you answered yes then this gadget is for you! When this alarm clock goes off you have one chance to hit snooze before it rolls off of your nightstand and all around your floor.  You have to find and catch the alarm clock in order to silence it, ensuring that you are up and out of bed when you need to be.




ZOMM Wireless Leash – $89.99

There are a ton of features packed into this little gadget.  This “wireless leash” help you to remember your cell phone, talk handsfree, and can even assist you in an emergency.  The ZOMM Wireless Leash alerts a user when they become separated from their phone, ensuring that you never accidentally leave your phone at home again.  It also has a fully-functional speakerphone allowing you to talk handsfree via Bluetooth.  In the case of an emergency, the ZOMM is equipped with a panic button that will sound an alarm and if held down long enough will dial 911 for you.

Boogie Board Rip LCD Writing Tablet – $129.99

This LCD writing tablet is a must for college students! Write your class notes on this tablet press the save button, and you instantly have a digital copy of all of your notes! This also is a great way to turn those interesting doodles you draw in class into digital art!

mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 4&4S – $79.95

This super sleek iPhone case doubles as an extra battery! Giving your phone almost double the battery life, the mophie Juice Pack ensures that your iPhone will not run out of battery power anytime soon.  The super-slim rechargeable battery sits perfectly in this case without adding extra bulk to your iPhone.

Powerbag Deluxe Backpack – $169.99

Running all over campus with no time to charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Now it is easy with this awesome backpack! With a built-in battery system powerful enough to charge a smartphone 4 times, you are are able to charge all of your electronics on the go!




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Date ideas for you and your valentine!

Valentine’s Day is approaching faster than you know it! Get your reservations booked boys and girls! Need some ideas for the evening?
Dinner date, obviously…
Call your valentine’s favorite restaurant and set up a reservation. Valentine’s day is usually a busy day for many restaurants so make sure you don’t wait to long to get dibs on a table!

Cook up some lovin’
Show your valentine how much you care by making their favorite meal! Okay, so you may not be Rachel Ray or Emril but it’s the thought that counts! Your efforts to make dinner will be greatly appreciated and could ultimately show your valentine how much you care! AWWW!

Have a picnic!
Weather permitting, of course! So we know the states that celebrate the winter snow won’t be snuggling up to any blankets under the sun, but some people can! Pack a basket full of some nice finger sandwiches and snacks. Maybe you can throw in a nice bottle of sparkling grape juice! Enjoy the sunset and the presence of your valentine!

Hit the ice!
The ice skating ranks are packed full of couples on Valentine’s Day. Lace up your skates, grab your gloves and don’t forget your balance! Skating with your sweetheart is a nice way to spend some quality time. Everyone has fun ice skating! Just don’t bust your butt!

Take a carriage ride!
In many cities the nightlife involves city lights and carriage rides! Hope on the internet and see who you can get a hold of for a carriage ride through the city with your love! Cuddle up and enjoy the town. The carriage ride can provide you with romantic private time, just what every valentine wants!

Movie Date
Run to your local Redbox and rent a movie or two that you are your sweetie would like! Offering options shows your crush that you are willing to sacrifice your favorites to see them smile. Time together is priceless!

Into the sky
Does the weather forecast show nothing but clear skies, a warm breeze, and sunshine? Take a hot air balloon ride! The view will be nothing less than amazing. With breathtaking views your valentine will be sure to fall for you!

Meet the local furry friends
Are you both pet lovers? Browse the nearest pet store. Visiting the local animals will show your warm and fuzzy side. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with puppies? Want to adopt a new pet friend? The local Humane Society always has pets who would love to go home with you!

Stroll through the park
Enjoy the beauties of nature with your valentine! Have a stroll or jog through the park with your mate. It is a bonding experience and also a nice breathe of fresh air! Your common love for nature will make your bond even stronger!

Need gift ideas?
Erika Belezarian blogged about some unique gift ideas on her blog page “Shoes, Shirts & Other Sh!t”. Check her post here!
Happy Valentine’s Day!


With love,
Kat VonD

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