How to Conquer College Finals Week

With the semester nearing an end, finals week is quickly approaching! Wait what?! Where has all the time gone? Here is my list of the 3 biggest distractions during finals week and my expert advice on how to conquer them.

finals week - meme

Distraction 1: Your Phone

We all love our phones because they are able to connect us with the world and let us know what’s happening around us at all times. The problem is that with so many social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Yik Yak, StumbleUpon to check, it can take hours to get updated. Even games on your phone are a terrible idea during finals week, you might as well say good bye to that G.P.A. if you have any games like Tetris on your phone.

finals week Tetris

HOW TO CONQUER:  Get a friend to change your passwords during finals week! Make them promise not to tell you the passwords until after finals, not matter how many times you beg. This way after finals you can take as long as you like to get caught up on life. You should also check out the social media sites for coupons, contests and blog posts for college students. 

Distraction 2: Your Friends

Friends or “study buddies” are great to hang out with when you have nothing to do. In fact, they are a ton of fun… but maybe not the best influencers during finals week. You always have that one friend who only has one easy final so they become the biggest distraction you could imagine.

finals week minions

HOW TO CONQUER: The best strategy for this is to start studying early and give yourself enough time to do what you have to do. Take some time for yourself to get the majority of your work and studying done ALONE. Afterward, you can meet up with your friends to take a break at Starbucks.

Distraction 3: The Internet

Without social media on your phone,  you now have your study breaks with friends under control. However, the one thing harder to avoid is the World Wide Web. It’s always so tempting to get on YouTube and watch goofy cat videos for hours. This one below is hilarious but definitely not what you need during finals week.


HOW TO CONQUER: Approach looking up random websites, online shopping and watching funny videos by a reward system. You study for 3 hours and then you get rewarded with an hour internet break. This way you’ll be able to get through your studying much faster but don’t forget to retain the information otherwise this reward system doesn’t work.


The Bright Side of Snowstorms

snowstorms 1

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that snowstorms are in full force across most of the United States. So if your plans have been ruined and your classes have been cancelled—AGAIN—here are a few ways to stay sane while you are cooped up indoors waiting for the snowstorms to pass.

Don’t feel bad about cancelling plans.

This one is important. If you made plans with someone before a snowstorm, don’t feel bad about changing or postponing said plans. Remember, your safety comes first. If you must drive in this weather, be sure the roads are safe and make a list so you can get as much done in one trip as you can.

snowstorms 2

If something were to happen when you were out getting milk and bread, be prepared to build an igloo for safety in the case of an accident. This basic skill could save your life and even if there was no accident, practicing in the backyard could lead to hours of worthwhile fun.

Learn a new skill.

Between Pinterest and StumbleUpon, it’s easy to find something new to learn. Maybe you’ve always wanted to crochet a scarf. Or play the harmonica.

snowstorms 3

You could even learn how to go ice fishing, I hear Eskimo’s do this a lot in their free time why not try it out and see what the rave is all about.   

Catch up on homework.

Okay so this one isn’t actually enjoyable but hey, it needs to be done. If you’re an assignment or two behind, now is a good time to catch up.

snowstorms 4socks

If your fireplace is running low on wood, you could always use that homework assignment your professor gave you last week. Staying warm or doing homework? I think we know the answer.

Skype your family.

Your parents are probably worried about you, as parents often are, because of the severe weather. Take some time to let them know you’re okay and while you’re at it, let them know what you’ve been up to lately.

snowstorms 5

Like how you’ve become a famous YouTube star from sledding down a hill on your campus, then flying up 15 feet in the air and planting your face into the snow.  The Today Show has already contacted you about a guest appearance – mishaps in the snow aren’t so bad.

Hang out with your friends.

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you have to be alone! Call up some friends in town or around campus and have some fun.

snowstorms 6

You could have a movie night, play some board games or participate in a philanthropy event! Every year, my campus hosts an undie run, you show up and donate your clothing to a homeless shelter. Then you get to run across campus in your undies, doing good and having fun all in one!

Weird Rentals

Some rentals just make sense—I can say for certain that I will only watch ‘No Strings Attached’ one time.  Maybe 0.5 times if it’s that bad.  A tile-cutter.   Who hangs on to those?  Hoarders do.  And you cannot afford to be a hoarder in college. Have you seen how tiny your dorm room is going to be?

Textbook rentals are great for the same reasons—you only need them for a limited time, and if you hang on to your Chem. 101 textbook through all four years and you’re not a chemistry major or pre-med, there is a show just for you.

You guessed it–it’s called Hoarders.

Sorry, just sayin.

Here are some rental industries and their failed business strategies—we packed our wit scalpel for some cutting remarks. It’s too bad all rentals don’t make as much sense as renting your textbooks.



That’s right, you can rent your own stalkers! Is there anything these attention hogs won’t do?  It’s bad enough people assume that I’m keeping up with the Kardashians.  Getting annoyed by flashes for any extended period of time seems unusually tormenting. A better idea would be making sure your friends have their digital cameras for photos you actually want, not obscure photos with angles to catch your ‘nip slip’.


Being a college student with a tight budget is common, but when renting underwear becomes the beacon for spending, your priorities may need to be reconsidered. If you are considering renting this, don’t. Underwear is meant to be purchased and it should stay that way. Although each pair rented is not previously used, this seems like a very unsuccessful business plan. These high price tightie whities don’t seem to fill the void for anyone (obviously excluding those with an underwear fetish).


Can anyone say social media? Even if you aren’t an extrovert, today there are too many ways to connect with people from around the globe. You can search for interests and find people that share common ground with you—it is THAT easy. Even if technology isn’t your forte, go to local events, join a club/group or take a class. There are just too many alternatives to resort to renting friends who are there solely for your money.

Japanese engineers have invented an ultra realistic, fully functional robotic humanoid (a la Austin Powers). We have the feeling that there aren’t many male models going into production. You know what’s freakier than a giant human robot contraption, a giant human robot contraption that is available to rent. I might consider renting them if they had machine-gun jubblies, otherwise I’ll pass . Companions should be the ones with real feelings and emotions, not computer-simulated responses. And who prefers the warmth of a cold metal hand on their shoulder? There is a reason why birds of a feather flock together—or so to speak.






I’m reading Chemistry: The Central Science