How to Transition into Spring!

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Now that it is finally spring, its time to transition from the cold and gloomy winter into the warm and sunny spring time. Here are some ways you can change into the new season.

Time to Spring Clean!

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Things you can do to spring clean can include getting rid of old clothes that you no longer wear anymore and donating them, throwing away assignments from previous class that you don’t need anymore, and organizing all your schoolwork.

Exercise Outdoors!

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Now that the weather is warming up, you can now transition your exercises from inside at the gym to the beautiful outdoors. Enjoy the sunshine while its there!

 Spring Wardrobe!

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Shed your heavy winter coats and boots and update your wardrobe into lighter and more colorful clothes. Since the weather is getting warmer, it is suggested to wear clothes that have fabric that breathes well.

Fit and Flirty

We all know the importance of staying in shape, but sometimes keeping up with your workout schedule can be difficult when classes are in full swing. What’s a busy college student to do when hitting the gym isn’t an option? Read on for dorm friendly workouts to keep you ahead of the game.

1. Burpees

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Burpees are the Monday of exercises: everyone hates them. Literally everyone. But this doesn’t negate the fact that they are extremely effective as well as convenient because they can be done in a very small space such as a dorm room. Try different variations to suit your fitness level. Add a pushup in the middle of the burpee and a jump at the end!

2. Pushups


According to, the push-up is considered by many fitness experts to be the “perfect exercise” because many muscles between your shoulders to your toes are engaged. Since the push-up is a resistance exercise, you are also building bone strength as well as muscle strength.

3. Squats and Lunges


Squats and lunges are arguably the only two exercises you need to build lower body strength. As long as you’ve got the proper form, these two exercises will become your best friend.

4. Jumping Rope and Jumping Jacks

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Running is fantastic but when you don’t have the space, a more convenient cardio session can be completed with jumping rope. If you don’t have enough space for jumping rope, try jumping jacks. Mix up your jumping jacks a little by adding a squat to each one!

5. Crunches and Toe Crunches

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Crunches reign as the universal default ab exercise and for good reason: they’re easy, effective, and don’t require a gym membership! To target your lower abs, try adding in toe touches to your workout!

How do you stay in shape in a small living space? Let us know in the comments below!

3 Tips for Surviving Fall Semester

It’s about that time again where the new school year looms dauntingly overhead.  Nearing the end of swimsuits and late night rendezvous in replace of studying and hitting the alarm 3 times before rolling out of bed. Yes, it’s the fall semester and while you’re frantically rushing to class, were helping you retain some of that cool ocean chill all year round. Get your head in the game because it’s going to be a long semester.

1. Get Plenty of Rest

3 Tips for Balancing Fall Semester | Get Plenty of Rest

This could be tricky but it’s doable. You’re loaded with midterms or finals and you must study to pass but you’re working or crunched for time. The only likely scenario is to study late into the night, every night with little sleep. If your experience is similar, don’t fret. The perfect solution is to start early. In order to get plenty of rest, start studying weeks in advance. The rule of thumb is to study the amount of hours you have a class per week. For instance, if you have a class that meets three hours per week, the allotted amount of time you should spend studying that subject each week is 3 hours.

2. Pick Healthy Foods

3 Tips for Balancing Fall Semester | Pick Healthy Foods

At every college campus, there is an ample amount of convenient food, but choosing the right convenient food matters. Ditch the candy, ready-made pizzas and chips for something more filling.  Assorted nuts are packed with healthy fats, minerals and protein to keep you full during long lectures. Sustained energy can also help keep you alert if you find yourself drifting. Fruits are also an easy on the go snack filled with brain boosting nutrients that can help curb that sweet tooth we just can’t seem to get rid of. Try eating a banana for the amino acid tryptophan; it has been linked to aid memory (great for studying!).

3.  Hit Your Campus Gym

3 Tips for Balancing Fall Semester | Hit Your Campus Gym

Hitting the gym is a no-brainer for optimum health, but did you know it can actually help achieve higher grades? One study found that students who frequented the gym had higher GPAs than those who did not. Those who work out regularly have better memory, better test scores and tend be better at managing their time. So don’t sweat the upcoming semester; just sweat at the gym!

I hope these tips help you have the best fall semester yet! Have any comments? Leave them below!

Healthy Summer Snacks

Summer is finally here and with the bright sunshine and rising temperatures come the numerous invites to summer barbecues and parties. You can still enjoy these events without sacrificing your healthy eating habits! Swap out a few of the traditional summer snacks for these healthier alternatives.

fruit salad1.Fruit salad
Most berries are in season during the summer so take advantage of this and try a fruit salad. They’re super quick and easy to make and are sweet without the worry of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Simply slice up your favorite fruit and mix them together in a large bowl. Popular options are star fruit, kiwi, watermelon, mango, and strawberries.


turkey burger2.Turkey burgers
You can’t have a summer barbecue without a grilled burger. Try swapping out the traditional beef patty for a lower fat but equally satisfying turkey burger.


frozen greek yogurt


3. Frozen Greek yogurt
Trade your ice cream for frozen greek yogurt to have the same taste with much less fat.





green tea

4. Iced Tea
Iced teas are a great alternative to sugary drinks. Try green tea with a sprig of mint for freshness or honey for a sweeter drink.





angel food cake


5. Angel food cake
Between birthdays, graduation parties, and Independence Day, there’s bound to be a situation where desserts are a must. Angel food cake is a healthier alternative to most cakes because it has a very low fat content but still tastes great.



What are some of your favorite swaps to maintain healthy eating habits? Let us know in the comments below!

Summer Fitness

In the blink of an eye we went from January to April. Now, on the brink of yet another summer, college co-eds everywhere are forced to take a long, hard look in the mirror and face the facts. Winter is over, spring sprang, and now summer is staring us dead in the face.

We can’t cover up with coats, or blame the “post spring break” lull for the dust settling on our dumbbells! Second semester is not only in full swing, but sadly folks (or happily for some), we have a few shorts weeks left to wrap up another term. So how are you going to get into tip top shape in time to hit the beach? (Or pool, or puddle, or however you are planning to stay cool this summer…)

This time of year isn’t so much about losing weight as it is about feeling great and being confident. It can be difficult for some to slip out of the sweats and feel comfortable wearing shorts and breaking out the flip-flops. Of course, that excludes the brave young men who wear shorts year round—rain, sleet, snow or sun.

To make the transition from shy in sweats, to confident in whatever you wear, it might be time for a workout shift! If you’re anything like me, after your spring break routine paid off, you took a little break. You indulged in a few sweets, and decided to take a few days off from the gym. A few days turned into a week, and a week turned into a few more. How did I justify not going? Well, isn’t it obvious? It was all too easy to excuse away the laziness… “I’m tired, I’m busy, I have sooo much work, I’ll go tomorrow, I walked around campus A LOT today, etc”. The excuses could go on forever. But all that stops now.

We are tired, we are overworked, and we all know we’re ready for a little fun in the sun. So ease into fitness slow and steady—it will pay off in the long run. We all know how exercise lifts our spirits and can put us in a good mood. It’s a double win. You can kick start your fitness, and round out the semester feeling and looking great—who knows, it could even help you focus and prepare for your finals!

Here are a few easy suggestions on how to get moving and get active!

First, consider investing in a pedometer.  I swear by mine and use it everyday to track the amount of steps I’m taking. It’s amazing to see how active (or inactive, cough, cough) you can be in just one day! A good goal, and one I’ve seen in various ads and fitness campaigns, is 10,000 steps. You can go higher or lower, run them or walk them, but either way you get yourself moving and compete against your worst excuses. You won’t be able to say you moved around when you really didn’t! Talk about accountability! Pedometers can range from simple to superstar. And lucky for us college kids, there are pedometers out there for every budget and price point!

My second and slightly smaller fitness tip is drinking water. Before spring break I was basking in H2O and drinking every drop I could get my hands on. For lent and the Easter season I did my best to stay away from soda, but once spring break and Easter came and went, I somehow cuddled up once again to my favorite physician, Dr. Pepper. But if you want to drop the sluggish feelings, and constant need for naps, I would trade your 20oz of fizz for some much needed water. Carry a water bottle to class and challenge yourself to drink so many bottles a day—my goal is at least 5! Your skin will thank you and your energy is sure to pick up. Plus there is something so refreshing and clear about water. There definitely won’t be any guilty conscious feelings after you indulge in a little H2O!

Whether your gym savvy, or scared to get on a treadmill, summer fitness isn’t something you need to shy away from. Make a commitment to get back to your fit and ready ways—either by hitting the weights, running in the sun, or just getting off your tush and getting a few much needed, and craved steps in for the day!