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12 Amazing Ideas For a Hunger Games Book Night

12 Amazing Ideas for a Hunger Games Book Night

It’s time to grab your tracker jacker repellent and bow and arrows!  If you are looking for a Hunger Games themed book night, then look no further. We have the cornucopia of ideas for all your tribute needs! Even the capitol would be impressed! May the odds be ever in your favor.

1. Fruit Cornucopias


2. Printable Signs

Download Printable Signs Here


3. Resin Bottle Cap Pins

View Tutorial Here


4.  Tracker Jacker Nest

View It Here


5. Table Setting

View It Here

6. Deadly Nightlock Punch

View Recipe Here


7. Hunger Games Themed scavenger Hunt


8. Sponsor Parachutes

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9. DIY T-Shirts

Download Designs Here


10. Invitations

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11. Mocking Jay Cookie Piping

View Recipe Here


12. Reaping Jar

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