Affordable Stores for College Students to Shop

The struggle can be real for college students when it comes to shopping. You want the latest trends and styles but are likely pretty broke. Here is a list of affordable stores for college students to shop.


Ulta Salon

Ulta Salon is a great place to buy brand name hair products, cosmetics, hair accessories, make-up kits, make-up bags, and organizers at discount prices. The store often has sales and if you decide to get an Ulta Card you can receive more discounts and free products with your purchases. The website also provides the current ad so you can find the best deals. The store has make-up brands such as Urban Decay, Smashbox, Lorac, Lancome, Bare minerals, Becca, and Tarte. There are also other numerous skin care products that are sold with the cosmetics. The products are more affordable than purchasing them from the department store and they are quality products.



Forever 21

Forever 21 is an affordable store with an eclectic clothes line from nearly every era, which makes the store unique. The dresses are at the most twenty-forty dollars and they are in all the latest and most popular styles and selections. You can find party dresses, formal dresses, and casual dresses within a very reasonable price range. Whatever your style is, you can be sure to find it at Forever 21 because there are clothes for all personalities. You can buy clothes for work, school, or a night out at Forever 21. Also, they have the most trendy tops and skirts at affordable prices. Their jeans are also the latest styles and they are much cheaper than going to the department stores to purchase jeans. The store has sales and the clothes are already at great prices, so I would highly recommend shopping there.



At Aeropostale you can find the latest casual trends at affordable prices. There are also dresses for special occasions and casual dresses that are the latest styles at Aeropostale. You can buy casual graphic tees, throwback tees, sweaters, polos, jeans, leggings, skirts, and pants at the best prices. You can relax in their clothes. Wear the clothes around the house, hang out with friends, and go to class in style. If you still want to dress preppy at school there are a variety of school uniform styles at Aeropostale. If you are looking for the latest casual styles, shop at Aeropostale.


American Eagle

All of the latest trendy and casual clothes are at American Eagle. There are casual dresses in the latest styles for school or for other informal occasions at American Eagle. The latest styles and varieties of jeans are at American Eagle that you can relax in. Their jeans are made of the best fabric and at the best prices. The clothes last because they are well made, as opposed to other stores. Also the most stylish casual skirts are at American Eagle. The clothes give you comfort and style.


Wet Seal

If you are looking for clothes for the night out, work, and school you can shop at Wet Seal. The store has affordable prices. Similar to Forever 21, there is a variety of styles that can match any personality. There are very casual dresses to dresses for parties. There are white and black dresses for other special occasions and parties. They also have casual dresses for the winter. The store has tops and pants that are both casual and formal wear. Be sure to check the store for sales. The clothes are already at great prices to begin with which makes it more affordable for college students.

6 Reasons Why I Love “Friends”


“Friends” was the hit sitcom of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. If you haven’t seen at least an episode, you’re really missing out. The entire series recently got added to Netflix, and I just finished re-watching it, in its entirety. There are so many reasons why its a great show, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to six reasons.

1. Monica and Chandler


Monica and Chandler start out as really great friends and that friendship slowly develops into something more. They bicker and compromise like no one else. Chandler loves Monica and all her weird cleaning habits and Monica loves chandler and all his jokes in awkward situations. They really are relationship goals.

2. Joey and Chandler


Best. Bromance. Ever. Joey and Chandler can work through everything and are really close even at the end of the show. Chandler and Monica even have a room for Joe when they moved into the new place. Joey owed chandler over $110,000 ( estimate) by the time all was said and done. Wow!

3. Smelly Cat

(video of everyone singing it)

YOU’VE SUNG IT IN THE SHOWER. I KNOW YOU HAVE. It should honestly be considered a classic by now.

4. Gunther


Gunther is the awkward manager at Central Perk who is eternally in love with Rachel. He isn’t a main character but still reoccurs in every season. He’s awkward and often comments on the sextet’s conversations and I think he’s amazing. It gives some humor to people in the show, other than the main characters. A bonus- his love for Rachel was adorable.

5. The Chick and Duck


When the chick and the duck are first introduced I kind of rolled my eyes. But they grew on me, and eventually they were a really funny part of the show. And you can’t forget that they sort of lead to the scary apartment switch incident.

6. Rachel and Ross


Anyone who falls in love with Friends spends the whole show rooting for Ross and Rachel to finally make up; whether you are on the “we were on a break side” or not. Emma was a beautiful addition to the show (even though she wasn’t really, ever, around?).

Comment below your favorite moment from the show, or favorite quote!

Inexpensive Date Ideas

Dating can be stressful in itself. You have to get to know the person, let them get to know you and try to enjoy yourself all the while. So the question is, how do you accomplish these things and not break the bank? Most college students work jobs in order to pay rent or help with tuition and sometimes there isn’t much left over to have a social life. Here are some inexpensive date ideas to consider when you’re running low on cash during college.

Cooking Dinner


Going out for dinner can be expensive in itself, but what if you want the quiet time together to just talk? Try finding a dish either one of you knows how to cook well. Cooking dinner together gives you time to get to know each other through talking and through each other’s actions. If its a dish only one of you knows, teach the other one and walk them through it. And after you’ve cooked your meal sit down and eat it together. This will definitely save you money and also prevents you from having to leave a tip which adds to the bill.

Movie and Game Night


Playing board games and watching old movies can be a great way to hang out without a lot of pressure to spend any money. You dont have to get dressed up either! Each one of you should pick out your favorite movie that the other one hasn’t seen and watch them together. You can even play games, like cards or Scrabble, and talk during the movie. This way you can get to know each other if you don’t, or just spend time together without a lot of stress.

College/University Run Event


Almost every college or university offers free events for students to attend throughout the year.  Whether it be an ice cream social or a free concert, there are generally several to choose from during the school year. Connect with your student activities board on social media or through their website and see if there are any upcoming events worth attending. Invite your current love interest and enjoy the free event! After all, college is expensive.  You should utilize these perks!

Dating doesn’t have to stress you out, or stress out your bank account. These are simple inexpensive date ideas. Try them out this semester and enjoy the extra cash in your pocket.

Comment your thoughts below and any other fun, inexpensive date ideas. Have fun!

Why Seek Adventure?

Defining Adventure


The dictionary definition of an adventure is an exciting or dangerous experience. Personally, I consider anything that awakens something inside of me to be an adventure. Whether it’s completing a workout I wasn’t sure I would be able to or seeing a live musician on my bucket list- these adventures make me feel something. Feelings create memories and memories are all we really have as time passes in our lives. We all want to look back on our life and be flooded with memories that made us feel alive. That’s what adventures of all forms and magnitudes can give us.

College: Opportunity for Adventure


It’s never too early or too late to experience life to the fullest extent. But let’s be honest- there are definitely times in our lives where opportunity for adventure presents itself more than others. College is one of those times. Time spent in college is for most, the first time they really had complete freedom.  Your parents are not knocking on your door to wake you up for class nor are they waiting for your to return promptly by your curfew late at night. Hopefully you are also given at least some freedom in what you choose to study and ultimately how you want to spend the rest of your life. If you want to take the long way home from class or work up the nerve to ask someone new if they want to spend time with you, it’s all in your hands.  You spend your time how you want to spend your time. Please, seek adventure! But do remember that college is the time to set yourself up for success in the future. Just don’t forget to truly live.

Make Your College Adventure One for the Books!

google+-cover-1080x608-august-2015-adventure wants to help college students experience life to the fullest during the time in college. That’s why we launched the Make Your College Adventure One for the Books! campaign this August. We started it off by giving four lucky college students an adventure package- ranging from a hiking package to a sporting event package during the My College Adventure Giveaway. We don’t want it to stop there. We plan to continue our efforts to encourage college students to try things out of their comfort zone. Connect with on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for announcements of upcoming giveaways!

Gilmore Girls: A TV Series for Young Adults

Relating to Gilmore Girls


One TV series that most aspiring college students can relate to is the series, Gilmore Girls. The series follows Rory, who is a high school student that has to work her way to the top of her class to find success and be accepted into a prestigious preparatory school. Her mother, Lorelai, interconnects with Rory’s struggles in the plot to make her way in life because she is a single mom.

The Challenges of Attending College


Once Rory attends Chilton Preparatory School, the series focuses on her dreams of becoming a Harvard Student. Though she has the potential to succeed, she comes from a broken home where she cannot afford to go to one of the Ivy League schools. Rory’s grandparents become influential in the plot, since they are wealthy and offer to help with the tuition. They make an agreement to help Rory pay her college fees. Loralei and Rory must attend dinner on Friday nights. Rory and Loralei have to try to be as polite and well-mannered as they can, though they are not of the upper class society. The show has some comedic moments in it, as Rory and Lorelei try to make their visits as interesting as possible in upper crust society. There are also issues that arise from their differences, and the series emphasizes this aspect of life.

Finding Success and Happiness in Life


As Rory has to learn how to interact with upper class society, she also has to strive to fit in an elite school with students that are from the most affluent families. Rory works to keep some of her high school friends such as, Lane Kim, who is a precocious character as is Rory. She discusses relationship and fashion issues with Rory as she must abide by strict standards that her family has for her regarding her relationships. As opposed to Lane, Rory is from an unconventional home as her single mom has a complex love life. This is a contrast to her friend, Lane’s, Christian family. Of all Loralei’s complex relationships, her relationship with Luke at the diner is the most predominate one as she frequently goes there to seek friendship, love, and advice for all of life’s problems. Rory also has a complicated relationship with Dean, who is a down-to-earth character that seems to genuinely care about Rory. They date for a while when she also receives advances from Tristan, a rich student that is superficial and is the opposite of Dean. Similar to Rory’s decision to fight off Tristan, Rory also befriends and fights against, Paris Geller, who is another upper class student. She maintains her status through cleverly keeping her enemies close, in order to succeed in school and in life. She learns to find happiness despite the many issues, conflicts, and set-backs that occur in the plot through her witty and distinct sense of self.

Life Lessons to Learn from Rory


Rory teaches students to not only work their hardest in their classes and to discern who your real friends, but she also helps college and high school students learn that they must play it “cool” around those who you know aren’t in your best interest. The popular crowd poses no real threat to the highly intelligent Rory who can quickly and easily verbally fight off her opponents. She helps others use this mentality as they have to overcome the social and emotional issues all students encounter in school. Rory teaches the viewers to challenge all of the philosophical and social aspects of life through her journey as she must work through life’s main problems to continually find out more about who she is as a young woman in the series. The character helps you learn strategies about how to make it through the challenges of young adulthood when you may not know who to befriend and how to tactfully distance yourself from your enemies. Through the series’ emphasis on the differences between the values in Rory’s family, the elite upper class, and Lane’s family, you learn how you must choose your words wisely and find strength through implementing strategies that are appropriate to each situation, in order to deal with society at its best and worst as a young person. You learn through Rory’s characterization to not let anyone take away your own opinions and sense self-worth from you as she tactfully fights her way to the top of the social ladder by attending the socially brutal upper class schools. You can learn to not let others make you feel less than your best through Rory’s ability to handle difficult issues in the most accurate and appropriate ways. By watching Gilmore Girls, you also can learn to that you must find out what your opinions are about the world and what you value most, in order to succeed. The series tells you that life is what you decide make of it as Rory beats the odds and the standards that society has set against her. The series challenges you to work through life’s trials and find your way in life.