How to Take Advantage of College Resources

Going to college is going to be arguably the best time of your life for many reasons.  There are plenty of reasons to love every second.  However, a large amount of students do not realize what college resources they are missing out on.  Let’s go through the list of college resources you should be taking advantage of today!

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1. Join a career-oriented club or organization.

There are many different clubs and organizations that can help you understand and be involved with a career you want to pursue. These clubs can help you build a resumé and inform you about important things to know about that career. There are organizations for just about any career- journalism, marketing, engineering, etc. If there isn’t one at your school, then create one yourself!

2. Attend career fairs.

Any time there is a career fair at your school, take advantage of the opportunity to talk to professionals that have insight on that career. They can tell you specifics about internships and you can network with people that are actually in that business.

3. Go to a school tutor.

If you are struggling with a certain subject, go toy our school’s learning center and there will be other students able to help you- most of the time FOR FREE. Many campuses have peers or graduate students help others with their writing and other work.

4. Visit a counselor or adviser.

If you need help scheduling your classes, don’t know what to expect from your major, and even just need someone to talk to, visit your academic adviser or counselor. Many schools offer counseling services that are including in your tuition.

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