Get Your Summer Playlist Ready

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A new season means new music! Here is what you can look out for to be the soundtrack to your summer!

For you Nikki Minaj fans, April will be a very exciting month. This April Nikki releases her new album called Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. This album is her second solo album after her original album Pink Friday.

Also in April, Ashanti’s album Braveheart will release on the 24th. Continuing with April, Rascal Flatts will also be coming out with a new album! The album is called Changed and is set to release on April 3rd. For those of you Willow Smith fans her alblum will also be released on April 3rd.  Look for it in stores it’s called Willow: You think you know me.  On the 17th, Train will release a new album entitled California 37.

In May, many popular artists will release new CD’s including B.O.B., Carrie Underwood, Chris Brown, and even John Mayer. B.O.B’s new album Strange Clouds has already had great success with its first single entitled “Strange Clouds.” Carrie Underwood (who is one of my personal favorites) will release her fourth album Blown Away. This release has me quite excited; I remember her winning American Idol like it was yesterday.  Chris Brown’s CD is set to release on the May 4th and is titled Fortune. Fortune is a follow up to his F.A.M.E. soundtrack. Ending May strongly is John Mayer. Mayer’s album Born and Raised is his 5th studio album making him the veteran of the group.

A later summer album by 50 Cent is set to release in July rounding out your summer playlist.

Summer is not the same without new music. Having a soundtrack to your summer will make your summer more fun! Later in the year, when you hear the songs from your soundtrack, you will remember your summer and the music that went along with it. So whether you’re a country fan, an R&B fan, or anything in between there’s something new for you out there this summer. Update your iPod, make a playlist, and enjoy.

-Speedy G.

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Dating on a College Budget

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In college you’ll most likely find yourself lower on money than ever before. Typical dinner and a movie dates might be out of your newfound budget. There are many ways that you can still be entertained and have a great time on a date for FREE.

Most schools allow their students to attend their sporting events either free or on a discounted price. Going to a game together is a fun environment if you’re a sports fan. It’s easy to talk and be yourself while bonding over school spirit. Many universities also allow their students to attend their schools theater productions either free or on a discounted price. This environment is cool because it’s different and theater is often romantic as well.

If you find yourself with a really nice day ask your date to take a walk with you. A walk through a park on a nice day is free and leaves you with a lot of time to talk. If you’re hungry pack a picnic and enjoy the sunshine. If you find yourself with a nice night, take your date to lay out and watch the stars. Nothing is more romantic and this is always free as well.

If the weather is not so nice, create a date at home! Rent a movie from a local Redbox, it only cost $1.00. If there are no Redboxs in your town, just pop in a DVD you already own. Put a bag of popcorn in the microwave and cozy up to a movie away from the nasty weather. Movies at home are sometimes better than the theater because it’s just the two of you. If you have a kitchen, you could cook a meal together, or you can cook one for your date. My boyfriend and I have made cookies together before when it’s snowy and we’re stuck inside. If you want to create a dinner for your date, a good idea is Chinese food. Homemade fortune cookies are fairly easy to make and you can put your own personal messages inside!

Another thing you can do is keep your eyes open in the community. There are always art shows, farmer’s markets, musical performances (in coffee shops, bars, or even on the streets) that are free and open to the public. If money has been holding you back from taking your honey on a sweet date, now you have no excuse! Get out there and have a wonderful time, it’s priceless.

-Speedy G.

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2012 Coachella Music and Arts Festival Lineup

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Coachella 2012 Lineup Indio, California Radiohead Black Keys Dr. Dre Snoop Dog

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is arguably the greatest music festival in the country. I had the pleasure of attending last year’s weekend extravaganza (you can check out my 2011 Coachella review here) and I can assure you that the Indio, California Empire Polo Club is one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to. There are a bunch of bands that I’m really excited about seeing this year. I’ve asked around the office and got a few employees to voice their top picks from the 2012 Coachella lineup.


Nikki Leonard B2B Sales

Amon Tobin was amazing at Moogfest. His show is an experience not just a concert.

The Weekend? Yes Please! He released mixtapes with a new R&B feel online and now a second tier headliner at Coachella in just one year’s time so you know he is good.

Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover from Community he sings, acts, and raps over Yeasayer, Animal Collective, and John Legend #hipstersdream.

Arctic Monkeys are hardly ever in the states and defined my first year at college.

Beats Antique is always a festival favorite and a must see if you just want to zone out and dance with friends (and check out hot chicks belly dancing/pretend like you are one of them).


A$ap Rocky – run to this music

Real Estate – played at comics pretty chill

Bon Iver – a lot of buzz don’t know if it would be a good band to see at a festival; this one will be interesting.


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Arcade Fire headlined last year's Coachella

Arcade Fire was my favorite act at last year

I’m really pumped that Refused and At the Drive-In are playing reunion shows. Refused put out one of the greatest punk rock albums of all time 14 years ago; they broke up shortly after their first album dropped. If you check out At The Drive-In’s Facebook page, they haven’t had a wall post since 2008. #veryexcite

I’ve been out of the indie scene since I graduated, but I’ll definitely catch the Hives, M83, the Big Pink, Beirut, Neon Indian, Kaiser Chiefs, Fitz and the Tantrums, the Shins, and Arctic Monkeys. I have no idea who a lot of these bands are…which makes me feel kinda old.

I listen to a lot more female heavy groups than I used to, so I’d like to see Feist, Lissie, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Santigold, and Cat Power. Two of my favorite shows last year were Erykah Badu and the Kills. Alison Mosshart from the Kills has more on-stage energy than Axel Rose on a case of Red Bull (Axel from 1989, not 2009).

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog are the closing act this year? Kind of makes me upset that I got stuck with Kanye West last year. Oh well. The closing act normally has the best production value, so I’m really excited to see what Dre and Snoop pull out of their hats.


Elizabeth Lovejoy Social Media

I’m so happy that great musicians are making it onto the Billboard charts. Compared to chart toppers from a decade ago (Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears), it feels like pop music is in a golden Renaissance period where the masses actually listen to good music. Take the Black Keys for example. Their new album is #3 on the Billboard Top 200; not because they sold out and made a few catchy radio friendly hits, but because they genuinely made a great record. On the other end of the spectrum you have Kings of Leon; whose last two albums are a pathetic, watered down version of their first three records. And guess what…they aren’t playing this year (they actually headlined over the Black Keys last year). #huzzah

I just love Florence and the Machine. Florence Welch is unbelievably talented; she makes VH1 divas look like a 14 year old boy who just hit puberty. Bon Iver and Andrew Bird are also great vocalists; I’m very excited to relax in the beer tent and catch their sets.


Robin Glover Student Blogger

There are tons of great House, Electro, Dubstep, and Mash-Up acts at Coachella this year. The great thing about Coachella is that there are three completely separate stages for electronic music. You can catch bigger acts like Girl Talk, Miike Snow, and DJ Shadow or you could just hang out all day at the small stages and listen to groups you never even heard of.

I’ve been a Radiohead fan for years and have never seen them play live. I know they are doing a U.S. tour this year, but most shows sold out within 24 hours. Thom Yorke is one of the sexiest men alive, so I’m going to try my best to get within the first 10-20 rows (just to bask in his aura of greatness).

A New Way to Keep in Touch With Friends

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Keeping in touch with friends when school isn’t in session is like drunkenly planning to make pancakes in the morning.  It sounds great in theory but then life happens–you wake up with a headache and the boss wants you to come in for the third Saturday in a row.  Suddenly pancakes, i.e. your friends, become lower on the priority list.  The next thing you know, your Bisquick’s gone bad and you missed a big event in your friend’s life.

If visiting your friends often isn’t feasible,  there are always the obvious ways to stay in touch, Gchat, Facebook, Skype, (dare we say it?) the phone.

I find these methods lacking since I stumbled onto

Everyone in the office has been using to get a good mix of  music going rather than the tired 90′s Pandora playlist we’d had going forever, the only playlist we could all agree on.  One of the guys sent out an invite to our own DJ room.  All of us chose a little head bopping DJ avatar, played obscure tunes, old favorites or just plain irony/weirdness.  The ‘rock on’ or ‘skip song’ feature is by far the best thing about this room.  If enough people don’t want to hear your song and hit ‘skip it’, your meter goes down and the song is skipped.  If anyone likes it, they hit ‘rock on’ and you accumulate DJ points.  You won’t even believe how much pride you’ll take in your DJ points until you actually possess them.  Trust me on this.

Even better, even within the office we were communicating more frequently through the session, and then it dawned on me – this is what we’ve been doing with our college friends for 4 years.  Whether it’s making fun of that horrible Friday song, or realizing that everyone in the room knows the lyrics to ‘On a Boat,’ music was the stuff we bonded over.

It hits that sweet spot between a personal phone call and a G-chat message, it’s “hanging out”.  It doesn’t have the potential for awkwardness of a one-on-one phone call (also is it just me, or does everyone hate the phone these days?), or the impersonal feel of a tiny window in Gchat. is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to keep up with old friends–give it a try!



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Lollapalooza Scavenger Hunt

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This weekend marks the 20th annual Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois. Although the festival is one of the largest in the country, it began with very humble beginnings. Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell, lead singer of Janes Addiction, originally planned the festival to be the band’s farewell show.  Farrell showcased dozens of indie bands that would have otherwise been left unnoticed by commercial radio.  In an era without the internet, this was a pretty big deal. Over the years, Lollapalooza brought on bigger and bigger acts from hip hop to reggae to hard rock.

My circle of friends love going to music festivals. Besides the music and partying, one of our favorite things to do is create a bizarre scavenger hunt that could only work at a festival.  We create a list of the most insane things we could possibly imagine and spend the entire weekend trying to find the most items. All you need is a camera and a sharp eye. We have an old bowling trophy that we pass around after each festival. I totally got last place at Bonnaroo this year, but my friend Nessa took home the winner’s cup. Although I’m not attending Lollapalooza this year, my buddies created a scavenger hunt that I’d like to share with my fellow counter culture enthusiasts.  Enjoy!

  • Someone dressed in excessive glow sticks or body paint
  • A turtle and a hare racing each other
  • A half naked dude playing a harmonica
  • A Purple People Eater
  • A Misfits t-shirt
  • Someone doing the cabbage patch with a Cabbage Patch Kid
  • The Ghostbusters
  • A cantelope bra
  • A fist fight
  • More than 10 people dressed the same
  • Someone drinking beer from a leather boot
  • Girl with crazy long fingernails (like 4+ inches)
  • Someone riding a unicycle
  • Full black leather outfit
  • A person wearing sock gloves
  • A farmer’s tan t-shirt
  • Someone with a pet lizard
  • A unicorn
  • Arch enemies hugging (Batman/Joker, Cowboy/Indian, Vampire/Werewolf)
  • Someone dressed in full camouflage in a crowd of people
  • Identical twins dressed as butterflies
  • Two girls with matching tongue rings
  • A mermaid
  • Beer can pyramid
  • Bald headed woman
  • An octopus
  • Someone sleeping in their own vomit
  • Cleopatra costume
  • Multi-colored dread locks
  • A robot without monocles
  • Star Wars and Star Trek nerds hanging out together
  • A snake
  • A kiddie pool filled with candy
  • Old hairy guy wearing speedos
  • An Oompa Lumpa
  • Someone lighting off fireworks in a busy crowd
  • A drum circle with at least a dozen different drummers
  • Someone wearing an American flag jump suit
  • A double rainbow
  • Dora the Explorer and Diego
  • A dinosaur
  • A kid giving ice cream or cotton candy to a dog
  • Someone skateboarding or rollerblading on the grass, not the sidewalk



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Photos courtesy of Nessa Race. All rights reserved.