Easy, Cheap Halloween Treats


Become the talk of the dorms with these delicious, festive treats. One thing I miss most about home when I am at school is all the decorations and fun food and cookies that my mom has at home. With these treats, you can make all your friends feel festive and happy! If you are in the dorms, have a little floor gathering, or if you have your own place have a small Halloween get together with your friends. Here are some treats that will keep everyone talking for weeks and wanting more during the other holidays.


Mummy Pizza Bites: These treats are delicious and easy, but they look like you worked on them for hours. Every college student loves pizza, and these just give pizza a little kick.

Hot Spiced Cider: Now onto drinks…Apple cider is a delicious staple for the Fall season. This cider is spiced up a bit to make it different than your everyday grocery store apple cider.



I-Scream Sandwiches: Need a desert for your party? This one is the best of the best! These ice cream sandwiches with a twist are something that everyone will love! You can make your own, or buy them and decorate into little witches.

Carmel Nut Popcorn: This popcorn will go perfectly with the spiced cider. With the mix between Carmel and apple spice you cannot go wrong at all!


Ghosts on Broomsticks: If you want to get creative, try these! With only 4 ingredients you can make these fun treats to have for your get-together, or you can give them as a little treat to go.


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