Author: Robin Glover

10 Benefits of Living On Campus

I would definitely recommend living on campus your freshman year.  The idea of moving from your parent’s house into a dorm full of hundreds of like minded 18 year olds is intoxicating; probably in more ways than one. Living on campus is the best way to get a great college experience. Here are ten reasons why:


Reason #1:     Campus PD, P-Safe, a.k.a rent-a-cop.  These are your friendly campus policemen that short of punching them in the face or waving a broken bottle at them are not going to arrest you.  They are there to make sure no one gets hurt.  Awesome.  You know that college bubble you think you’re going to where you’re allowed to get away with things ‘normal’ adults wouldn’t?  That’s on-campus, not off.

Reason #2        Your walk or drive is much shorter to class / more sleep = better grades

Reason #3       Closer proximity to all the free campus events: concerts, group performances, sponsored appearances, etc.

Reason #4        Your bills will be a lot simpler.  No squabbles with roommates over who pays the utilities

Reason #5        All your academic resources are easier to reach, be that office hours with your T.A., books you need to borrow, study buddies or quiet study space.

Reason #6        More places to eat and drink. Small business owners aren’t dumb; they set up shop where the traffic is, and usually give a student discount.

Reason #7        Your parents will feel better about it, guaranteed.  And no one needs that monkey on their back.

Reason #8     Imagine a scenario where you’ve had one too many beers (hard to imagine, but bear with me on this one) your walk home will be significantly more legal and safe.

Reason #9     Campus jobs pay well and usually allow you to study.  A commute to a job off-campus burns precious time that could have been used for studying, hanging out with friends, etc.  Remember that if you’re  going full-time, you will often be crunched for time during the semester.

Reason #10     Friends!  They will be around you all the time in a way you will never experience again in the real world with a full-time job, and THAT is what college is all about.



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7 Ways to Deal with Your New Roommate

Roommates are annoying, especially freshman year when they are randomly assigned to you.  Forced compatibility is rough no matter how social you are.  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

#1 Confess to your roommate that you’re confused, sexually and carnivorously.  Lament daily that you should be a vegetarian but just can’t quit eating bacon.

#2 Start every story you tell him/her about high school with “We got so hammered and then ….” End every story with “hilarity ensued.”

#3 Blare loud music so that all your hallmates will have to stop by at least once to tell you to turn it down.  Any publicity is good publicity.

#4 If your roommate tells you about someone they like, be VERY supportive of their opinions.  Tell them how smoking hot that person is, how you’d be all over them if they weren’t already into them, and then for good measure, flirt with that person at parties to prove you were not lying when you said they were attractive.

#5 Stock up on pungent foods like garlic and old cheese.  That way if you need them to vacate, you open up your stinky stash just long enough for them to hightail it to the library.  Blame it on the dining hall food you ate last night.

#6 Wait until the pile of dirty clothes is taking up 1/5 of your total floor space to do laundry, then brag about how “green” you are being by hanging your clothes around the room.  If she get pissy about your wet floor, lay some eco-guilt on her.

#7 Related to the last one, you can further impress them with your environmentally consciousness by only flushing after number 2.  If they complain, show them some stats about lack of clean water in developing countries.  They will roll their eyes at first, but just keep talking and they will totally get it.

Have any roommate horror stories from someone who did anything on this horrifying list?  Let us know in the comments section.



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College Bucket List

Why should you have a bucket list? I thought those were only for old people…

Because college flies by and long-term goals can lose priority as you get into a groove of everyday life on campus.  There is a reason old people always say that college was the best time of their life–IT WAS! Make a bucket list and set a goal of knocking out 3 or 4 a year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Actually go to a professor’s office hours

-Take a shot in each library

-Form a study group and actually attend the meetings

-Go to one of every intramural, club and varsity game  You might discover a love of a new sport!

-Pay under $100 for a semester’s worth of textbooks.

-Cross country road trip

-Go to Mardi Gras

-Study abroad (at least for a few weeks)

-Go for a week without paying for food

-Go to a party in every single dorm building

-Party at another big campus

-Host an international student

-Find a community service passion and stick to it!

-Ask someone out you think is out of your league

-Audition for a play or musical production

-Organize a pub crawl

-Scout out a super secret study spot no one knows about

-Go for a month without calling your parents (they’ll survive, trust me)

-Find a mentor that you’ll stay in touch with after graduation

-Make friends with a graduate student in a totally different program than you

-Join a protest, rally, or demonstration (or at least hang out at one)

-Attend all the free activities your campus offers (even dorky ones like finger painting) for a week

Oh yeah, last but not least have the best time of your life as you grow and discover yourself as a person.  That one’s important.


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Best New Ad Contest Winners

The Winners of the Best New Ad competition lived up to the expectations eCampus set out to achieve: demonstrating superior creativity, a clear message and innovative digital art.  Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

Textbook Rental Video Category

Winner:  Mitchel Mussatto

Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

Honorable Mentions:

Chris Steurer & Jackson Fisher

AI Chicago

Ross Donewald

Indiana University

Textbook Rental Audio Category

Winner: Tom Joyce,

Columbia College Chicago

Honorable Mentions

1. Cory Byers

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2. Craig Wood

Indiana University

Textbook Rental Print Ads

Winner: Julia Franiak

Harper College

Honorable Mentions:

1. Alanna Crisci

Harper College

2. Cory Byers

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

3. Eruult Damdinsuren

University of Chicago Illinois

4.  Juan Escobar

University of Illinois at Chicago

5. Kyle Fox

University of Illinois at Chicago

6. Nancy Kim

University of Illinois at Chicago

7. Natalie C.M. Daller

Harper College

8. Craig Wood

Indiana University

Textbook Buyback Print Ads

Winner: Nancy Kim

University of Chicago Illinois

Honorable Mentions:

1.  Juan Escobar

University of Illinois at Chicago

2.  Sean Fernitz

Illinois State University

Best New Ad


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National Cheesecake Day

So here we are, on national cheesecake day, and it’s the middle of pool and beach season.  Don’t hate me for alerting you to the fact that it’s cheesecake day, I’m going to help you through this problem.

Now, it’s well-nigh impossible to find statistics on the decadent piece of pie that is cheesecake, but a potential indicator of the popularity of cheesecake is The Cheesecake Factory making the top 15 restaurant chains in America, not to mention that 5/6 people who work in the eCampus office “Love” cheesecake.  Little known fact: cheesecake is actually a pie because cake rises, and cheesecakes don’t rise.

What’s a college student to do?  I’ve done some research and found a loop hole so that you can indulge on this calorie bomb but on a more sensible day.  January 23rd is National Pie Day, and if you forget about that little piece of trivia I mentioned earlier, November 26th is National Cake Day!  There you go, two excuses to eat America’s much-loved dessert safely sandwiched in sweater season.  Look at that, problem created and solved within two paragraphs.

You’re welcome.



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