Author: Tessie Bertrams

Neon Accessories. 3 Looks to Love.


One of the best recent fashion trends has been bringing back neon. When added subtly to your outfit neon accessories are the perfect summer pop of color. However, overdoing them can really cheapen your outfit.  Let’s go over 3 ways to tastefully rock neon this summer.

1. The Neon Bag with a Neutral Colored Outfit

neon accessories 1

The neon bag with a neutral colored outfit gives your outfit an edge without going overboard. Try adding your neon bag to an all white, black or nude outfit to get the most pop.

Neon Accessories 2

This Shield Lock Purse is $325 on Aspinal of London.

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Neon Accessories 3

This Dasein Fold-over Quilted Patent Clutch is $28.79 on

2. The Neon Heel with a Cropped Pant

neon accessories 4

Another simple outfit turned spunky. Try a cropped jean with your favorite neon. You will be sure to turn heads.

neon accessories 5

These Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps are $695 from Barneys NewYork.

Get the look for under $35…

neon accessories 6

These Neon Patent D’Orasay Pumps are $30.99 at Charlotte Russe.

3. The Chunky Neon Necklace with a Strapless Solid Dress

neon accessories 7

This bold neon accessory is a great look for summer cookouts or vacations. Pair a solid neon or multicolored neon chunky necklace with a strapless solid dress.

neon accessories 8

 This Kate Spade New York Gold-Tone Epoxy Stone Necklace is $98.00 at Macy’s.

Get the look for under $35…

neon accessories 9This Neon radiance statement necklace is $19.95 on Etsy.

You will be sure to shine bright this summer when you incorporate these neon accessories into your wardrobe.  Remember, less is more when it comes to neon so try incorporating just one or two accessories at one time.

Which neon accessory will you try out first? Comment below!


Final Four Predictions, Courtesy of Puppies


It’s everybody’s favorite time of the year! March Madness! The Final Four is this Saturday! With four fantastic teams up against each other it’s a serious toss up who will come out on top. What better way to predict the outcome than with puppies! Enjoy!

Did you agree with the puppies predictions for the Final Four? Comment and tell us who you would have liked to see win!

Summer Hits Courtesy of


The semester is officially coming to a close and the weather has improved significantly.  You likely have a couple of road trips in your future or possibly even a little vacation planned. You know you are going to need plenty of summer hits to get you through!

summer hits

Listen to the playlist below for the highlights brought to you by’s Spotify. Follow our account for more perfect summer playlists.

How To Write a BAD Resume


Nothing is more enthralling than writing up your first post college resume, right? ….Okay I am only joking about the thrills of the trade.  Let’s change things up a little by me sharing with you how to write a BAD resume in three easy steps.


You seriously want to be done with this horrible task as soon as possible.  Editing takes forever and you may have to find another person for a second opinion.  Human Resources will definitely know you were trying to say “shift” the 30 times you left out the f.

Confused businessman
Photo Credit 

Step 2. WRITE A LOT.

No need to be shy- the employer has all day to read over your resume.   You should flood them with useless achievements beginning with your youth t-ball team home run up until the award winning omelet you created this morning. The less relevant the achievements are to the job posting the better.  You want to stand out!

Photo Credit

Step 3. LIE. LIE. LIE.

This company doesn’t know you.  Embellish EVERYTHING! Odds are they are not going to actually cross check all credentials you list.


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