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Happy 11th Birthday!!


Today is celebrating its 11th birthday. That’s right, 11 years of offering college students the best textbook deals online. This year were doing textbook rentals, eTextbooks, new textbooks, used textbooks, and were still going strong with our student marketplace. Were all about helping college students get the best deals and what better present can we get for our birthday than a bunch of happy students. So here we go, try this coupon code: 11BDAY in checkout for $5 off any order over $50.

Here are a few weird birthday traditions from around the world.
Various types of birthday pinching:

Ireland – “Bumping” – the birthday kid is lifted upside down and bumped onto the ground, one time for every year

Italy – The birthday kid’s ears are tugged once for each year

Scotland – a pound(money) and a soft smack for each year

Other birthday traditions:

Russia – They eat pies, not cakes. (id totally be okay with that!)

Norway – When it’s your birthday at school you stand up in front of the rest of the students, choose a classmate, and do a little birthday dance.

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4 Wicked Water Weapons – Super Cheap of Course

It’s the middle of July and officially the hottest time of the year across the US. As college students we are notorious for MacGyvering our own types of entertainment in order to avoid the high cost of the “real stuff”. I consider myself an expert in the field of college Macgyvery, so here we go with my favorite water “weapons” for under 20 dollars each. Eat that super soaker!

1. Fertilizer Sprayer

– The average fertilizer sprayer from your local hardware store works wonders as a water rifle. Just pump it up and throw it in your largest backpack, its like being a ghostbuster, just don’t cross the streams. Find one here at

2. Water Bottle

– For the real cheap skates out there – Take a bottle of water you have sitting around the house, poke a hole in the top of it and boom, basic squirt pistol

3. The waterzooka

– The home made Water Cannon – This recipe for watery revenge is a great cheap squirt gun to build. Check out the plans at this great website ( , you can buy one fully built for 19.50 or build one yourself for less than 10.

4. The Sticky Bandit

– Greatest water prank in the world – simply band a rubberband around the sprayer in your sink and watch to see who goes to the sink first for a nice cold impromptu shower


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We know your broke, and we want you to be less broke, so we came up with a plan to help you make some money. Today we are launching the eCampus Entourage, the simplest way to make money since you had that little lemonade stand in your parents driveway. You simply go to and sign up. After this you will be given a unique discount code to share with your friends. When they use your code to buy or rent textbooks they get a 5% discount and when they sell textbooks they get an extra $5, in either case you get 5 bucks. Share your code on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can think of. The more times you share it the more it will get used and that means more money for you. Once you have become an entourage member you will be able to track your progress in real-time using the provided tools. Some students will even be able to register this program as an internship for school credit. In addition to the 5 bucks per order the top Entourage members will be awarded prizes for their hard work. We want your help! Sign up today!



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The New

The blog is New and Improved
Our blog has been down for the last day, but only so that we could throw away the old design and bring in the new. We hope you all enjoy. We’ll still be writing the same stuff like study tips, cheap recipes, money saving ideas and anything else we think you should know about. Stay tuned!

Big thanks to Edward Caissie for the awesome theme and support!



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All GOOGLEy-eyed

Being a college student makes paying for lots of different services difficult, if not impossible. This is where Google comes into play. Google offers many free resources that you can use to be more efficient in your school work and in your life in general. Some of their services can also be used just for fun, like google trends. Check this out with your buddies, it shows you a graph displaying the amount of searches for a certain topic over a specified period of time. Go ahead, try Ham Vs. Turkey, Biggie Vs. Pac, place some bets, make it interesting. Check out these awesome Google services that you can use for free.

1(800)-GOOG-411. Who still pays up to 75 cents by calling an operator to find an address or phone number? Not me! Try Goog411 – it’s a voice automated free information service, and when you pick the business you want to connect to just say “text message” or “map it” and Google will automatically send a text message with more details or a map directly to your phone.

Google Books – This a great resource for doing papers and research. This Google service allows you to search for the full text of tons of books for information or just for reading.

Google Docs – This service from Google allows you to upload documents onto the Google interface and share them with your colleagues and classmates. This service makes group projects a breeze even if your group can’t all meet somewhere at the same time.

Google Scholar – This service allows you to search published papers, opinions and journals. A great resource for term papers. Just make sure to annotate it right.

Google has tons of other services such as “Sketch-up” – a free 3d modeling program, Calendar, Dictionary, News, Instant Messaging, Translate, and various applications for mobile phones. Get some Google in your life.

If you need help using Google Services, check out this book. Google Search and Tools in a Snap



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