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eCampus.com: Easy. Fast. Cheap.

We are a major online retailer that provides textbooks to consumers in the easiest, fastest and cheapest manner. David Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, was one of eCampus.com’s original founders in 1999. At eCampus.com you have the option to buy or rent new and used textbooks and eTextbooks, as well as earn some extra cash by selling used textbooks. With its launch of eWards in August, eCampus.com has become the first and only online rewards program for textbooks. The program has been expanding rapidly since its start, with up to 2,000 new member enrollments each week and nearly 5 million points awarded to students, which are redeemable for huge savings on future textbook and college clothing orders. Sign up for eWards and start saving today!

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